Pot Cures Believe it er not

**** FrumChronically Speaking 

to Love or Fear to a

A Cure fer Most Diseases

  – is what dis post-it is all bout –

A Terriffic Thursday to one an all dat cumez across da’ wacked werld of Q today !


an if urself hurts deep inside u might wanna think twice befroe making others mirror ur realities? if they do not wish to mirror the love u have for them but instead want ya to mirror thier past lives an fears? well, even though they make it personal with neglegence denial an or attacks, forvive them, bless thier soul of mirrors! makin any sense?  read more on that subjekt.see my recent post bout da 7 essene mirrors for reference 🙂

an things that have to do with chronic illness an disease;
Meanwhile this post-it is bout opinions on pot as of today november 2014…frum da smiley guy even on sa dreary day in paradise . let da sun shine through!

🙂 * 🙂

🙂 Peace-Out! 🙂

<<< Q >>>

please follow da lonk to da original article an 938 more werds 🙂

420 Greetings

Enough is enough.

Legalize Marijuana Today!!!

.Cancer patients can’t wait.

 🙂 Q 🙂


. ….Legalize Marijuana Today!or A.S.A.P.!
Jest a rant fer da day from da werld wide web here an smiley in sunny souther colorado,

don’t let anyone step on or rain on ur parade today!

even if they wish for u to be a reflection of thier negativity, is the way of the crazy side of the werld right now thats so very smart an educated ya see. They turn out to be the most judgemental of all those whom say thier life is all bout love etc etc and thier actions show fear based realities instead, go smoke another one all i can say an meditate more on the thing u do to others first,” Do unto others” is my key werds and thoughts today! before all else !


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10 thoughts on “Pot Cures Believe it er not

  1. So; Apprapo also are the related articles in todays werld fer da Q
    Many a Etheric blessing to u ,
    let the sun shine in!
    An Be the best man er woman one can be!
    peace out werld!

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