WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Angular


Nesuperspike2_by_quarksirean they were wundering why they can’t find balance ? lol

I live in cold arse werld sumtimes with hot people turnt cold also: sumtimes an others not; i wunder how ones life can get so splintered, lol..when time freezes 4 ever in certain mirrors also, see da last post-it here bout mirrors.. this weeks werd of da’ week is Angular, an well sometimes it is jest overwhelming to me an i go to take a chill an lewk at all the angles

outa da clear cold crisp blue sky on a earlywinters morn an Angel came to me an blessed my day..she had a totally different Angle on life, hugged me an blessed my day , what more could a man want? .for that I am grateful

Have a Splendid Weekend Everyone πŸ™‚


Not to put too fine a point on it, though this week, we challenge you to show us what β€œangular” means to you.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge werd of da' week Angular

WordPress weekly photo challenge werd of da’ week Angular


Today has been a wunderful day to lewk at someone elses wunderful angles, πŸ™‚ an enjoyed every minute of it. These 3 shots are angles i took of an extremely cold winter day here πŸ™‚

another angle by da' Q

another angle by da’ Q

..Have a splendid day everyone whom pops across da’ wacked werld of da’ Q-ster πŸ™‚

love & light 2 u an u know who u are!

yep yep πŸ™‚ :mmmmm

What does angular mean to you? It might mean the corner on which you live or the intersection of sea and sky at a 180 degree angle. Angular also offers a chance to shoot from an entirely new perspective: from above, below, or even from the margins of the fray. Above all, have fun!

: The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge :

werd of da' week is Angular

werd of da’ week is Angular


16 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Angular

    • got bout every angle dere i can think of since my life is full of anothers strange ; splinterin all my angles , no matter which way i turn,, thanks for poppin by πŸ™‚ laters πŸ™‚

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