The Etheric Cosmic Warrior of Another Kind

The Etheric Cosmic Warrior of Another Kind..Some call them Witches..

Although, in the end this blog is bout


WARNING! STARTED AS A SHORT POST HERE; became intense an long , excuse me if u do not appreciate posts i do bout this kinna reality etc etc , it jest is what it is!

Take it er Leave it! Mikey da; Q…….

a yucky blog bout someone who was da' apple of me eye!

a yucky blog bout someone who was da’ apple of me eye! for years! and is 2 distinct personalities in one body

First off, if u are a female reader I have an ANGEL and she will stalk u if u show any interest in me publickly, so if ya want to be my close friend email me , instead of leaving wunderful posts on my site for her to snake onto. She will send u letters an or call u to tell me how bad a guy i am 😦
is what i have to live with still after all these years imagine that, all my readers that have been reading me for some time realize an know that i was betrayed by someone i loved more than all my heart, gave all my time and money to, an bought many things also. But it never ends, the POETIC MISJUSTICE TO ME * I can’t get one female friend on the net here at wordpress close because somehow she connects with them an prospers her lies about me to them and , well then done deal i am shut off by anoter potential loving friend because of someone else intrusion and lies 😦 how can one get around it? i guess ya really can’t …anybody who stalks friends and all my connections need to find a heart an soul…the way i see very disturbing to me to constantly have evry new relationship i get here destroyed by this crazy woman 😦
This woman  came into my life with her beautiful love honoring kind poetry 5 years ago only to turn onto betraying love poetry over time,,,dumped me a long time ago with publik abuse calling me names in her betraying poems etc etc.she has deleted her super nasty poems about me so the publik would not see em i assume an her blogs with her naked body to tempt me an other men?..but now still she is at my back daily, writes people that connect with me here and tell them god knows what bout me but next thing i know that person i was having a great time with blocks me and turns me off….:( I have been contacted now in both singles sites and on the net annonymously liking my blog etc etc,,,an wanting to get to know me, and after doing research i find that the same ip adress as my angel that loved me so much is that person, Jest messing with my head for fun, like nothing better to do for her heart an mind in canada? also see that multiple identities an blogsites for the reason of personal protection an profit is a must for this person multiple walls across borders from here to canada. she feels protected i assume 😦 prolly does same as she did on me to guys all over the werld for profit an sex an fun 😦 😦
So; if ur a lady an showed any interest in me , well i’m sure u’ve been contacted by my illustrious poetic angel 😦 especially if’n ur canadian even though she detests french canadians for she is a german canadian an discriminates 😦 an well friend? ,if i do not hear from u now , i now somehow she connected to U..has happened more than once now in the last couple of years , an all i can say is one day karma an soul an heart will catch up with this ladys nasty deeds to hurt on this guy Q…it has werked an now i stand another day with a broken heart because she prolly has connected another person that attempted to care bouyt mikey here…… such a jelous heart…an to e well is criminal , not only did she steal my time for 5 years she stole my money and my heart…..betrayed every good word she evr said and broke 2 years werth of promises built up…. I should have known better , when she came here an visited me for a couple of months an showed she honored fear in her heart more than love. cuz love to her when she was young was abuseive an neglectful to her and is even now in denial, with her she exhibits all those for me to reflect back to her now, i do not choose that hall of mirrors to walk in..….
What i have to say to that sad enuff is karma will be hers in the end for all this changing my destiny and fate with friends an people in my life for years now she has 😦 demonically demonised herself when all her friends call her angel lol….. hezzzzzz:(
alll o can say to her is this > u got another thing coming woman mean mistreater thief an liar in denial of ur own relentless un empathetic un-remorseful ignorant neglect.

So as a result of this an all my werk with where this blog started: forgiving her for her crap she has pulled against me for 5 years now with a passion :(… i want to post this frum a very wise lady an article bout writing our way to forgiveness~~~

as for my abuser, well she is jest going backwards more an more in this incarnation and will have to come back an do it all over again 😦 the way i see it, meanwhile she changes my fate an destiny daily with people on the planet by her interference:( not a lot i can do 😦 truly is disheartening an unkind:( an not the angel i ever met! but who is what they appear to be on the outside anymore really huh .are you ? well if so email me an don’t pay any attention to her crazy stories…..relate to me talk to me, let me tell u the truth ! namaste 2 U over an out frum Q

033heres to lewkin @ you! frum Q


~~ All I Ever Wanted!<link

^^^^ A short story by Q ^^^^

i halped her get to the other side an she dumped me anyhow

i halped her get to the other side an she dumped me anyhow

November 22, 2014
From Write Your Way to Forgiveness and Peace On-line Course
Write Your Way to Forgiveness and Peace
by Dr. Sherry Reiter, LCSW, PTR-M/S, RDT-BCT
The following is an excerpt from the “Write Your Way to Forgiveness and Peace” on-line course. If you would like to enroll in the course, click here.
I think of this process as “Thunder n’ Writening” and through the series will repeatedly use this phrase. Anger is like thunder; it can be startling, shocking, and shake us to our very bones. The process of writing out all of those things that thunder through us emotionally can help to bring clarity.
Lightning streaks through the sky, and lights up a dark night. While the thunder may frighten us with its’ sudden sound, lightning lets us “see” what is happening. Awareness sometimes hits with the suddenness of lightning; at other times knowledge grows slowly and gently into our consciousness. Let us begin.
Feelings make themselves known physically. There are different theories of emotion. While one theory is that there are four basic physical sensations: anger, sadness, joy, and sexual feelings. Other theories include love, surprise, and disgust as major emotions. The important thing is to learn to recognize the different emotions, so you can appropriately respond to them.
We develop habits for how we respond to our feelings. That habit is likely to be based on the template provided to us in our childhood. If you were taught that anger outwardly expressed is harmful, then you may have learned to block it with that thought. That thought, (UH! OH!—I must not let my anger show—it is harmful or nasty) can block the expression of emotion.
Conversely, the toddler who is told , “No! You can’t have cookies before dinner,” and who feels powerless and needy, may throw himself down to the ground in a full scale temper tantrum. If the parent gives in, then the child learns than anger and screaming will get a person whatever they want. The original feeling of powerlessness is deeply buried. Twenty years later, the boy is now a man who keeps his family hostage to his rages. Early trauma and humiliations may also be masked and emotional bullies are born: “This person is out to hurt me and I will have to show this person not to mess with me” becomes an automatic response of habit.
Any time an emotion is linked with a thought, that thought has the power to compromise its energy. For example, if sex is equated to sin, if joy is thought of as “childishness,” or if sadness is linked to the thought of weakness, you may unconsciously block those feelings from your awareness.
Until you begin to notice and use your awareness, you are slave to your thought processes. As you begin to regulate the flow of your awareness of your body and relate it to the people and events in the world, your emotional habits will become more obvious.
Do you try to rationalize your way out of anger? Or perhaps you are a person who tries to ignore it until the angers accumulate, the pressure builds, and suddenly erupts like the lava of a volcano, taking everyone by surprise. People experience anger in many different ways: a turn-on, scary, uncontrollable, repulsive or all-powerful. Anger may be accompanied by nauseousness, burning or heated sensations, tightness in the neck, head shoulders, headache and constricted breathing. In terms of behavior, people respond with a variety of different behaviors; they may become controlling, sarcastic, attacking, aloof or robotically rational.
For this exercise, DON’T ANALYZE YOUR FEELINGS. SIMPLY OBSERVE THEM AND THEIR EFFECT ON YOUR BODY! My suggestion is to start an Anger Journal. For daily tracking, a small pocket notebook you can carry with you at all times is ideal. Recording a blip on your screen of anger will only take two minutes. Just take note of the date, triggering situation or comment, and effects of anger on the body. Pay particular attention to breathing.
Include your Anger Level (1-10 with 10 being the most angry and 1 being slightly irritated.) A journal entry should have 5 columns, labeled: DATE, ANGER LEVEL, FEELING, THOUGHT, BODY SENSATION. You may choose to set this up in a spread sheet for your own convenience. See samples of possible entries under each column.
5/07/12_____ 4___ Rejected___ “He treats me like dirt”____ Nausea
5/17/12_____ 8___ Victimized__ “She betrayed me”_____Clenched Fist
Awareness is key to learning. I suggest two notebooks for your work. An Anger Journal can be used for your daily writings; get into the habit of putting aside fifteen minutes a day for mental clearing. Side note: We don’t think twice about taking out the garbage, but we let a lot of garbage accumulate mentally. Take out the garbage by spending a few minutes a day on “the write path.” In addition, a small notebook that fits into your pocket is ideal for tracking your moods and jotting down quick notes as you go about your day. Record any blips or irritation, annoyance, or anger that appear on the radar screen of your consciousness. Reserve fifteen minutes every day to review your notes and write reflectively in your larger paged journal. Use your mini-notebook for seeds of thought that can be expanded in your journal later. Develop your own writing practice and let your journal accompany you like a good friend. Remember: AWARENESS OPENS THE DOOR TO FREEDOM OF CHOICE. No doubt! you have tried other methods to master anger. Now try the “write” path.
For more information visit:

PS: To thine own self be true where honesty integrity truth and love are the # 1 thingz in life – let it be so ; Back to one day at a time fer me an let go let god , serenity first paoin second etc etc etc…. 🙂 –



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