WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge New

New YearZ Snow in Colorado here…My dogz a luv it…an ITS! time! to have some fun! yep yep!

It’s 2015 whoo-hoo!

Happy New Years 2 U frum Sasha!

Happy New Years 2 U frum Sasha!

In FACT: Time is a limitation, eternity is limitless. Time stands within and
functions through its definition,

an sumtimez da’ new is da’ same ol ..year after year!

snowbound again yep yep :) lol

Snowbound again yep yep ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

rather Eternity adheres to no
definition in its infinity

year after year! snow comes an snow goes Dis' nose Knows!

year after year! snow comes an snow goes Dis’ nose Knows!

All that you experience within this form
has been allowed for your to be able to learn,an grow!. It has been placed forth simply so that you can learn

sash lewks upon valley below! frum Q's front yard

sash lewks upon valley below! frum Q’s front yard NEW YEARZ 2015

Yes: learN! an Realize Life is bout having fun! &

That you are not the self you perceive yourself to be.

Therefore its tools, as limited as they are, have been made useful so we can journey beyond all limitations.

Is Dat Time of Da' Year Again for da' guy an his Kamera! lol....

Is Dat Time of Da’ Year Again for da’ guy an his Kamera! lol….

and the ..tools of words! into an for Photos an pics of da’ new year! 2015

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Word of da' week is "New"

Frum New to Old

Possibility. Opportunity. Potential. As another year gets underway, letโ€™s celebrate the new.We also celebrate as much as we can when we can participate in other challenges, like i do here an there also,,as so also this blog is my “2 cents werth for the week also” lol….

an a pet challenge feature…also!

petchallengeMichelles Pet Challenge

Yes Missy New Snow Again this Year

Yes Missy New Snow Again this Year

If’n U are You are driving a new $140,000 Lingenfelter twin-turbo powered Corvette Z-06 fer ur new year cuz ur new rich hubby bought ya one ๐Ÿ™‚ very kewl for U …will race ya someday ..lol…well eventually when we all get to the finish line! end of day end of year. end of week er month er da’ last gear , wherever an however ya end up.in dis human chess game ya call life ๐Ÿ™‚ ..believe it er not!.! well we might all end up in da same place! yep yep!.

Well prolly all because karma had it’s due to toll an toil on this road to a new year!…hope evryone gets my drift in this one! lifes to short to end up in da’ ditch!..especially when it snows snows an a snows.Be Preppared an have a safe 2015 for the new years…PS: Stay Warm :)…… Namaste to U frum Q an his animal shelter in da rockies jest a few ponderable thoughts fer a new year:).an a few ponderable pics …yes snow snow snow once again! Happy NewyearZ 2 one an all dat visit my snowbound werld!.

New sledz fer xmas means fun fer da' NEW year!

New sledz fer xmas means fun fer da’ NEW year!


Quote of the Day”

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

Albert Einstien

REmember! above all! hAve Fun Dis' YeaR!

REmember! above all! hAve Fun Dis’ YeaR!

Quarksire's Yamahopperyear after year!

Ride safe – fly safe – howeva’ ya’ get dere’


– be safe dis’ 2015 –

frum da’ home of Quarksire da’ Q

2 Cents Werth

Michelles Pet Challenge

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

High in da’ hillz…….Over an out!

Frum Q



jAN 1st 2015 rendition

jAN 1st 2015 rendition



9 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge New

    • Wet! …anCold er warm an fluffy white,,,dependin on perception, my dogs thinks its fun to clean themselves with an roll in an play in etc etc! ….they been racing round in the snow like its a slallom course all day,,,guess its “FUN” yep yep ๐Ÿ™‚ .fer them ๐Ÿ™‚ keep on keepin on an tak moonDuster!

    • sash has been through many a changes since she was born on christmas of 2005,,,,she is now 8 yearz old , an seen a lot of things come an go, an killed a few things too, mean dog, only to those whom are fear!…all my dogs dislike fear! oh an well, anyhew, gots to show evruyonbe the real new soon, his name is geronimo ๐Ÿ™‚ i call him “mo” fer short :0 hes my newest “biker dog” lol.happy 2015 ,,oh an my v-8 trike yep a cure to my 2 wheels an getting too old to ride syndrum drum coming up …hasta ,,,y namaste’ 2 u 2 miss MM.. 8-),,

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