‘Groundhog Day’ “I’m a god”

** ah but of course it’sd feb 2nd lol




Sometimes Experience and or re-experiencing the event

is the key to learning and understanding but

as we grow older the experiences don’t have to be had the same way

because the choices will be different based upon memorys of the past….


As we as Human Beings evolve into a self aware consciousness:)….we gradually see that the mistakes that we studied and also lived through and judged to be so bad were auctually tools<:) for lessons that needed to be learned….if we had never experienced the mistake of wrong choice or thought or experience then we would’nt know which ones to steer clear of in the future now would we?:).

We are all like Phil… We don’t get to move on, until we become enlightened Compassionate Beings.. You could think of every Day (for Phil) as a whole new Life; a Reincarnation.. You get another chance to make some…

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