U.S. Surgeon General Says ‘Marijuana Can Be Helpful’


420 Greetings


This is a follow up to the post-it i did on the first concerning Dr. Sanjay Gupta an Cannibas an the various opinions on pot..I did lotsa research to provide the previous article etc etc for my readers, is really strange to me, that i personally do not get paid any cash from anyone to do what i do here an yet there are multitudes of people making lotsa $$$ for different companies doing exactly what i do, seems as though i am always prospering an promoting a cause, well that is for the good of mankind an friends an all, hours an hours of effort a lot, to never get any Cash reward for what i do, apparently my time ain’t werth as much as theirs or something lol…guess i don’t always pick the right people to support with all my time an effort also to not get any…

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