This is a ThanQ Soul Sis’ Sher, for allowing me to peek over the fence of “Past” an hopefully to lewk forward to a kewler future , thanQ for ur encouragement honor an Love this past year; Livin’ here reflectin’ there an here to there with triple thanks again , has been truly a magical mistake knowing u an ur love an light!

Love an light 2 U frum da’ Q


Dear Human,

Do you see the beauty you possess? The loveliness of your very essence?

I’m sure you don’t. I’m sure you mostly see your mistakes. Your failures. Your shoulda, coulda, woulda moments.

It’s ok. Don’t fret. We all do.

But that place of reflecting on your past is not where you should stay. It’s not a place to live. It’s not even a place to visit very often. Because that place has already given you everything it could. A life lesson. A way to turn ugly into beautiful and curses into magic.

It’s best to peek over the fence of “Past” every once in a while. To review that garden filled with the flowers of mystical mistakes. But only if you look at it through the eyes of love.

You are everything you are because of what you have been through and are currently going through. And you are…

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