The Flike – A Personal Flight Tricopter

According to the project’s official website, the Flike is a “coaxial, Y6-layout tricopter”

The Flike

The Flike A “coaxial Y-6 Layout Tricopter

with six rotors to get it off the ground (just go with “flying tricycle” if you want to get less technical). The operator sits in the middle and can move the Flike just like a helicopter. However, the vehicle has a “full-authority flight management computer” that can handle things like flight stability and altitude, making the Flike “as easy as riding a bicycle.”

The team — which is currently looking for investors — first took the Flike for a test drive last March, and even though the contraption got off the ground, the ride seemed a little choppy. This time, it looks like they’ve smoothed out some of the kinks and got their creation to take off and land with a bit more finesse


8 thoughts on “The Flike – A Personal Flight Tricopter

  1. A smaller hand held version of that would mean you could blend your soup, make a smoothie and whip up some cream – all at the same time. I’m off to the drawing-board. 😉

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