Dreamweaver says: The Universe is a Giant Brain


………..I don’t do a lot of re-blogs but this one is 4 Cyrus, a man i hold highly in great esteem i re-blog this post-it, your experiences an shared knowledge over the many months past is like 10 yrs after fer me all the time since i am 10 years younger but have learnt much frum ur years of travel an knowledge an sharing so with that i thank U Cyrus an wish u only well! W.O.W. when i come round to read ur information shared by u ; thanks for all u do 4 the werld of yearning learners an discoverers Namaste’ 2 ya frum da’ Q hoping some of my readers will browse round ur werld a bit also i am. take care Cyrus an keep on keepin’ on Q 🙂 ……

for those of u that have never visited the site of the dreamweaver..check out some of the links below an then off to his main page if’n ur interested..




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