No Earthly Connection – Rick Wakeman


Rick Wakeman – in them old days

Yes; Yes; Yes an more er less; yessiree 🙂

Rick Wakeman- no earthy connection -I bought this vinyl my graduating year @ high skewl….where i had developed a taste for extra-ordinary piano riffs…an rock extrodinaires…like Yes, Renaissance, King Crimson, ELP…an deep purple. whom highly influenced my fav of all time “rush” an alex an his keyboard werld.


The days of the prophetic robes an kewl hair!

Rick Wakeman – 1976 Hammersmith Odeon and another fav; journey to the center of the earth, an also the family album, all were awesome vinyls in thier day!


rick wakeman; Like i say i might be old but i am still good! lol

So, developing a taste for Rock opera i did…I practically wore out this album an 8 track tape also i had…some called it strange, as some called me strange, driving round with my station wagon – surfboard on top an listening to yes, hunting the coast fer gewd morning waves! listenin’ 2 the famous keyboard bands of the day.

an smokin dat’ illegal stuff

OH yeah; HAPPY 420 evryone 🙂 by the way lol 🙂 frum da’ weedman 🙂

Yep the days where the co-pilot was always on the lewk out fer the bad guys the cops then in sandy eggo who would take ya to jail fer having seeds in ur possession let alone smokin’ an drivin lol…

420 Greetings 2 U 2 Day


chronic 🙂 420 greetingz 2 u frum Q on lot 420

..Different tastes an states in music yes indeed, but i even got my father hooked on yes – floyd, and emerson lake an palmer…he even sent me a tape of elp – the werks – in 1977 while i was livin @ da’ ski area…an thanked me for turning him onto floyd an elp…..imagine dat a symphony listenin’ guy turnt on to rock opera 🙂 which in turn turned him frum the jazz an symphonies he has listened to for years to listening to more advanced rock opera style music…many albums to choose frum. but this is one of the most memorable! Enjoy if ya choose to listen to this track. I still find enjoyment an get uplifted by listening to this old vinyl piece..


old is good! yessiree!

also ya can find all his albums an music mostly @ u-tube werld.

Keyboardist Rick Wakeman (who also played with the Strawbs and several other acts as a session player in the 1960s) began releasing solo albums while still a member of Yes, and let no grass grow under his feet after…


..have a splendid week everyone……..


an in case ur bored an gots lotsa bandwidth here are some More Related articles an music frum Q’s werld here below U might enjoy…so  🙂  EnjoY! 🙂 on dis’ 420/2016

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Hopin ya enjoyed anoh=ther visit 2 Quarkland

over an out frum Q


Da’ Quantum Quasicle Quarked one!



3 thoughts on “No Earthly Connection – Rick Wakeman

  1. Rick Wakeman – No Earthly Connection. Bought it in my teens and I think the album is in my sister’s attic. My youngest wants to get a vinyl record player, I can’t believe they’re popular again. I think it’s time I ventured up into my sister’s attic 🙂 Thanks for posting this and taking me back to my teens again.

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