The Fury of Mother Earth

Jen frum werdpress daily post-it this week has a few werds bout MOTHER EARTH..


west fork complex fire by wolf creek, colorado

As far as we currently know, our planet is unique in its ability to sustain life. We are an island in an unimaginably huge universe….so this week, On this day, between the global Earth Day celebration, and Mother’s Day in the United States, share your vision of our glorious Mother Earth.


sometimes there is no stopping the fury of mother earth

Well it took me a day to think of what pic er pics to use, an not really my “vision” of earth lol. {jest waz what it was}..but, well a couple of years back there was a fire here called the west fork complex fire which lasted for days,an ya could drive out an see how enormous it was.


wolf creek pass tunnel entrance

so here are a couple of shotZ of dat!…Yes mother earth is wild at times, today it was tornadoes in colorado, but then it was dis’ fire ……the west fork complex fire,


lewking toward pagosa frum southfork, colorado

an really nothing in comparison to the giant fire happening right now in canada, my prayers go out to anyone in the way of this awesome force of nature. Peace 2 one an all an over an out frum da’ Q.


NEW all starts with this one thought frum inside of UUUUUUUUUUU.


26 thoughts on “The Fury of Mother Earth

    • yeah colorado recovered real well with that fire luckily, but it twas quite da deal, but nothing like the big fire brewing in Canada right now, that’s truly devastating an incredible. an most of the folks that had fire insurance recovered here fine but those that didn’t well, lost it all, had to start over. saw a few , an have met a few also. such as life. My insurance went up that year crazy imagine that huh, an it is hard as hell to get fire insurance here now also, i am lucky i am grandfathered into that one at present. take care Mary, have a great week Happy Moms week 2 YOU! ❤

  1. I’m not sure if it’s fury, it maybe she is showing her pain from the abuse humans heap on Mother Earth; the strange weather did not happen in a vacuum, climate change is behind most of it, and like humans, there is only so much poison we can take before the body suffers too much and shows signs of stress that show up as severe symptoms.

    • oven that fires that don’t burn th3e whole forest help the forest by thinning down all the burnable scrub, is a way nature cleans house ya see, they grow back better than evr it appears , believe it er not 🙂 but i do get ur very valid point! 🙂

  2. This earth is getting so populated, pretty hard to have a forest fire anymore that will take out some homes, people building a living everywhere. We got to love those smoke jumpers. They jump into the fiery furnace to control what they can control. I had an uncle who worked for the for service in California for almost 40 years. He recalled several close calls. He said, “the heat would get to a certain point and a whole canyon would explode at one time sending fireballs over the ridge, starting more fires. Like you say, mother nature’s doing some housecleaning with a big vacuum cleaner, and the fire attachment, does a great job. After a few years. Everything is growing like mad.

  3. Scary pictures!!! And now they are fighting a horrific fire in Canada. I wonder what it will be like here in California this summer. There are thousands and thousands of dead trees in our forest due to the 4-year drought. 😦

    • Hopefully there will be more rain than usual, in california an here also..that would be the greatest blessing yes indeed 🙂 i can only pray fer da’ best huh.take care…namaste 2 ya an take care .Q

  4. That Canada fire is such a tragedy. We often have summer wildfires in AZ and it makes me very sad. I know sometimes the causes are natural but often they are not and it still is so devastating. I always worry about the animals. They don’t all escape, by any means.

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  6. I remember that Colorado fire. We have a couple fires burning now in northern Minnesota. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog 🙂

    • in da last 20 years of me being here in colorado, we have had 4 really big fires local…within the state, yesterday we called forest service to get permission to burn in a controlled burn , an weather was good for it so we burnt a lot yesterday! …. spring time clean up in da’ rockies, fire prevention really the burning we are doing now…lightning strikes are part of life here so are forest fires, jest gots to pray ur not in the wrong place at the wrong time is all – so i live in fire alley lol..some live in tornado alleys etc etc, so will deal with this area over earthquakes an whatnot…an living near active volcanoes…geezz….may da force of spring be with thee! …..Q…

  7. Hope life gets back together soon as possible after the fires. What a challenging time. The photos tell the story with big impact. Thank you for sharing this.

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