Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

JuBilant: Da’ werd fer da’ week



wordpress weekly worldwide photo challenge


Festivities @ 4 corners motorcycle rallye, Ignacio, Colorado



Party On! :)…boom da la boom…

Jubilant, adjective: showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph; rejoicing; exultant..So adjecktively speakin’ being jubiliant is in da’ eye of da beholder…check out the other entries 2 day @ da wordpress worldwide weekly photo challenge..where folks frum all over the werld come to share their World 2 the world through photos…is my fun weekly browse when i want to travel to places i will never prolly visit, so is Kewl …Enjoy ur week-end everyone…

an find some jubilant satisfaction sumwhere! its gewd fer da’ mental health! yeppurzzzz…

PS: I would really truly be Jubilant if i could live to be as old as da guy in my last blog before this..Some say it is not possible, some say it’s a hoax, some say its true? wunder what my readers think? i do i do …..yeppurzzzzzz….


Rejoice! It’s the end of the week, and time for a celebratory photo challenge. Let’s all end this week on a high note, with images that say jubilant.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

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