Where in Da’ World? do they all come frum?

Flags For fun frum round Quarksire’s  Web World. A Quarked reflection frum round da’ werld back 2 da’  Q


~ A Quarked Reflection ~ frum bloggers round da’ werld ~

LOVE waz da feelin’ or interest? don’t know which; But: Wow, what a day! sumtimes, in me blogwerld, 480 views in a day an 308 visitors…wow is all i gotz to say a record day, so i had to go check see where they all come frum an what pages they visited the most! So i collected the countries flags of the day not exactly in the order of viewing, an decided to post em to this page of flagz fer fun!~~~I do get round da’ web werld now with the wordpress photo challenges, an i guess the werld gets round to me also…thanks for U to U all of U Visitors an friends an associates an lurkers alike 🙂 …Keep comin back now i guess…in da evr changin werld of da’ Q PS: if ya want to know what country the flag is frum jest click on da pic an see corresponding name..went side by side as a collage when i did it but well webpage won’t allow fer that so scroll down 🙂 lol 🙂 an have a great day er night whatevr it might be wherever ya might be also 🙂


~ belgium















































…This was jest one days reflection of da’ visitors i got, missed some of my fav visitors that day; so don’t feel left out  if ur flag ain’t there: u jest weren’t there that day, Like Finland etc etc. This is jest a screen shot of the day this month when i got 480+ views..U.S.A. Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Ireland, Switzerland an Norway are normally the top viewing countries with the most hits…An many of the other countries i have had to go lewk up an see where they are, I hadn’t a clue? Quarksires page here has been visited by some 150+ countries in 3 years now with over 32,000 pageviews…so am geting back up to the kinna stats i had before Yahoo360 an multiply went down da tubes…


So thanks fer viewing is da point of da day,,,,an well in my werld weed’s can be a problem so i though i’d throw in an informative bonus pic fer ur time today …thanks fer poppin round da’ werld of quarksire…an keep on comin’ back now ya hear if ya have fun here an i might be able to put a smile on ur face or a gewd thought in ur head …is always the goal of my post-its…fer fun an entertainment…i get more good news an more entertainment frum the wordpress community websites an personal pages frum round the werld then i do the “yahooed” news…..So till next time. adios, hasta, an goodbye to ya till next time when ya got a min er 2 2 visit da’ quarked up werld of Q …

🙂 peace-out! 🙂


Bonus Shot of da’ day if ya made it dis far! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Where in Da’ World? do they all come frum?

  1. thanks for the homemade weed killer – 🙂

    and I love the the monkeys – never saw this version before – ha!
    the flags r fun and whew – you do get a lot of views – wow – way cool.

  2. I love the first image- it is beautiful. The flag idea is great and wow that is a lot of visitors!! The monkey cartoon sums up the world today I think. Vinegar is good for so many things- thanks for the recipe! 🙂 have a great day my friend

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