Dear Sir Muhammad-Ali frum Quarksire:

… Black an Blue is da’ colors of da’ day! fer me …… a mortal with guts an courage; a man dat’ played life by da’ numbers! yes indeed! not my photos  2 day which is rare here in q’s werld …but U deserve da’ best!

Sir “M”!


If i could say this to U sir’ is what i would say, u were an will for many years be admired by many in this world, i will remember you frum even before when u was Cassius Clay…what an inspiration u were to me as a child, my father did not rally like black folks an had judgements bout them but there were like 3 black guys that stood out in the days as an inspiration, {that even my prejudice father admired} i think  he admired u Muhammad for ur courage to stand up for what u thought was correct an right, as a fighter he thought u were the best thing ever happened for the sport!……..Probably ur Greatest LOYAL FAN IN THE WORLD EVER MR. MOHAMMAD ALI was Howard Cossel….I will never forget the many times he Yelled an screamed ur name is histeria that u had won another bout in amazement! sonny liston an george an mr frasier has nutin on u sir “M” as i shall refer to u ! Those whom knew the real U i am sure are proud to have been able to personally know you, those that have read ur book an know ur life, well, my hearts an souls go out to every person connected to you that u evr knew!! Even though i didn’t personally know u i knew as a teen that u didn’t stand for war or the viet war an i respected ya fer that always ur stance on bombs an whatnot..You were a guy whom would stand up for ur rights an the rights of others, an well, nevr needed a big helping hand till the end with this disease! am so sad to see u go…..I believe many people in the world mr “M” will be inspired by the legacy u have left behind! i would be a proud man to die in ur shoes! yes no regrets sir! ya always kicked ass an ya always will be the most kick ass inspiration an boxer to many for many many years to come! May the Great Spirits find ur soul at rest where u will never have to “FIGHT no MORE!”


Ali Knocked em dead …rest in peace !!! Sir “M”

Someone ought to start a website called INSPIRED BY Muhammad Ali … Probably would be in the millions of clicks in the YES!  box! YES INDEED!!!!!! MAY UR GREAT SOUL REST IN THE PEACE THAT IT DESERVES!! IF ANYONE ON THE PLANET EVR DESERVED IT YOU DO AN DID SIR “m” …….nAMASTE’ AN PEACE OUT FRUM DA qUANTUM SPIRITUAL SIDE OF LIFE TO THE great “m” .. Muhammad-ali 🙂 ❤ felt prayers fer ur soul an the souls of all those so touched by ur GREAT LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Q aka Quarksire …aka mikey in colorful Colorado!….!
.Impossible World: wow.well nutin is impossible said da big “M” once upon a tyme….

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have a great weekend every one….an go out an do sumpin to celebrate! LIFE while ya can an example of da’ day frum ali an dis post-it 2U once again

“Keep on Keepin On”one Day @ a Time

FRum da’ Q 



6 thoughts on “Dear Sir Muhammad-Ali frum Quarksire:

  1. here was a guy well, that if he ran for president i think it might be a better pick than any candidates so far this session lol 🙂 yeah huh wunder how many votes he woulda got if he was healthy an ran as an indipendent lol or lib lol 🙂 what a hoot that would a been …..:) Q

  2. Thank you for the great eulogy to Muhammad Ali, very heartfelt thoughtful words that you wrote in honored of the great man. I happen to have the TV on tonight when they announced that he had died. They said, “after all of his other organs had shut down his heart beat for five more minutes.” Can you imagine that!

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