7 Electric Skateboards

Having trouble finding a parking spot in da’ city? well > ?


wave of da’ day.. electric skateboards

The Top 7 Best Electric Skateboards You Can Buy Now….The new werld of efficiency with electric motors an batteries have created a whole new werld of electric vehicles, that are available, including skateboards that can exceed 20 miles an hour! Some, with a range of 20 miles er more.

Check out this vid if u aren’t up on the latest products that are available to the general publik!


enjoy! if’n ur a skater!



7 thoughts on “7 Electric Skateboards

  1. Oh how I loved my wooden skate board as I would race down my block- age 9, standing, sitting, feeling the wind in my face! No need for more speed than the hill gave me 😀

    • yeah huh! an we had steel wheels way back then also….amazing how far electronics an Teck has come since then huh! 🙂 Kids don’t realize how lucky they are 2 day taking it all fer granted ! yep yep…….

    • yeah me also…when it furst started,,,i ought to be rich by now doing skateboards lol… but i picked up flying instead 🙂 lol. it’s safer! although i do like the off road version longboard skateboard with handlebars like a scooter n’ electric, but they are expensive an for that price i can rebuild the engine on my ultralight or fix a broken wing, instead, priorities huh lol. ..yepo “those were da’ days” roller skate metal wheels on boards… 🙂 so u invented skateboardin huh? jest didn’t know it lol.ol man U hehe……

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