On Da Edge of space wit James May BBC

In dis’ vid go to da’ edge of space wit- James May –


in this BBC documentary ` In this ride of a lifetime one can see da’ curvature of the earth in a spectacular new way..


a vid werth da’ watchin’ cuz u’ll prolly never get to do this urself..but thru the internet ya can see how it be

🙂 fer realzzzzzzz 🙂

So, come an take a ride wit james may to da’ edge of space.

🙂 Enjoy ur ryde 🙂



don’t inflate ur flight suit now without ur visor down, ur head might pop out the hole …….safety furst …yes indeed 🙂 ~~~an well;

Your brains didn’t blow up your eyes didn’t bulge out and your guts didn’t fall out, that’s a good day so far…this second vid is the complete show, an what james had to go through jest to be able to go take a ryde in dis awesome flying machine…dubbed the werlds fastest an largest “glider” flying to 70,000 feet where water boils an ur eyes would pop out, is an incredible feat yes indeed. 20 years ago i might have been able to handle that but now well, jest to be in the space suit would prolly take me out!…so i’ll stick with watching the vid here…



3 thoughts on “On Da Edge of space wit James May BBC

  1. Makes the world of politics and wars microscopic and even more stupid then they are. (P.S., 20 or 30 yrs ago I wouldn’t have blink an eye at the opportunity to do something like that LoL. Weeeeeeee!!

  2. The flight would be exciting. The big question is, what the hell is the big a hurry to get to India or anywhere for that matter to do business? I keep on telling them like old George did, if they want to go to the sun. They got a go at night.

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