ICU an A Radio-Active Pink Bear Imagine Dragons an a Shepard of Fire

Jesta Checkin in here wit gratitude 2 my reflections! 🙂

a friend is still alive! an wit me…all systems go here an dere’ She felt like da’ pink bear  an i felt like da’ guy in da’ cage behind da bars. While she layed in durango icu…times like this all i can do is pray fer the other! …such as life sumtimes, so time fer a couple of vids to lighten things up a bit in Q’s werld here..enjoy if’n ya like rock…i do 🙂 ..


Imagine Dragons – Radioactive…has over 1/2 a billion views…has hit the top ten charts in da’ 4 corners multiple times, an nikki sixx plays it to “death” lol..So along with eyes wide open an “Shepard of fire“22,111,031 views – these  songs seems to be heard here bout 4 times a day er more it appears..

on our local 96.9 da’ big dog rocks!.


da’ big dog 96.9 s a I-heart Radio station also..Listen to nikki sixx an jen nightly

PS; i was outa touch fer a few days cuza my best friend ended up in da hospital an almost went to see the other side of phone time is used up 4 outgoin calls still till 8-3-2016 also…so call if’n ya wish – i jest can’t call out..

PEACE 2 U frum da’ Q..

Strangest things happen at the strangest times it appears also…many lessons in Love-truth-honor-respect-an whats important in life comes to mind today, Had to drop a note to let my closest that knew all is well with her an she will be A-OK!

all my love 2 U my best friend.

8 days a week! thanks fer bein U..she knows who she be. an i am happy she is is outa icu an still alive an well to be able to read this.

nuff said!



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