good thingz bad thingz


I wrote this last night before bed……..

Layte riser also today as a result of havin’ my arse handed to me yesterday!!!!!!

hell of a day today was…the 3rd is usually a very good day for me but not this day!. started out usual, got a layte start, things were lewkin good an slowly went downhill frum there lol..not very funny. got home about dark tonight bushwacked, an didn’t get anything accomplished i started out to do…although when my $$$ finally came through late at the bank i was able to get my meds an get my phone turnt back on..but shortly after that i had flat tire, then dropped phone in water 😦 took care of that phone…started raining an i had a flat on a muddy road in the downpour, oh what fun that was, muddy slippery mess i was when done with that, an didn’t have my rain coat either 😦 so could not make the important phone calls i needed to or check my messages ..over 60 text messages 😦 geezz…an lotsa missed calls…an a few voicemails, so if’n u are on the list …well it will jest have to wait till i get to town tomorrow an get a new phone an go shopping for some food,,,,maybe do a load of laundry or 2 er 3 er 4 lol. we shall see.

So maybe back to half-normal manana, we shall see what life has in store

till then i am whacked bushed out! cold wet an tired…

“the next day!” is > NOW! wow. chance of showers an rain is like 90% so i got to get on wit it,,,

OH RECOVERIN’ again! …lol…always recoverin’ frum sumthin! want to cover up an go back to bed – but not an option today…

So, Till i get back to normal! whatevr dat is!

Keep on Keepin’ on an Fly Safe everyone!

Q’s got to fix his broken wings again before he can fly again! all a matter of $$$ sumtimes…also,

weather permitting – an also whether er not permitting also! lol…



6 thoughts on “good thingz bad thingz

  1. Hope the rest of your weekend goes well, sucks dropping things in water…I dropped a soup can in the toilet today and had to really reach in! Don’t ask why I had a soup can in the toilet!!! Man…I scrubbed my hands and arms till they were beet red!! that I’ll teach me! lol…:) T.

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