More Piano Licks: frum Jackson Taylor

….Rainy day in paradise here an missin’ an thinkin’ of a friend that plays!


As mosta my readers know i am a Scott Davis, Linkin park, Rick Wakeman, imagine dragons fan. etc etc..

So, this is an intro to ya of another guy who likes piano an posts his stuff to u-tube quite often….fun to listen to on a rainy day, brings da’ emotions to da’ surface…yes indeed..

enjoy if’n ya like piano licks…

jest a way to lighten an otherwise dreary day!

Jackson Taylor has like 90+ vids at his web werld, if u like piano licks like i do – well u will like his page here…furst lick here makes one all emotional is all i can say …..what a grand piece created by U-2..

Piano Cover: Pride (In the Name of Love) [U2]

2nd lick of da’ day

Piano Cover: Sweet Surrender [Wet Wet Wet]

an 3rd of da’ day

Piano Cover – Every Breath You Take (The Police)

An check out his playlist of all his stuff, is a great playlist to listen to, a splendid day 2 one an all frum



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