Embracing ur suffering an holding onto the good thoughtz is what matters the mostest!

Embracing ur suffering an holding onto the good thoughtz is what matters the mostest! with reference to Past, Present an the Future:

an article bout superconsciousness, perception an living Mutidimensionally with harmony! written 4 U by Quarksire…an as alwayz, take watz gewd an toss out da’ bad! jest my 2 cents werth 4 what it’s werth!


An so what is ur state of mind when it is enveloped in “pure consciousness”?…well, ya might get my drift on this subjekt…if ya make it to the end of this article.hopefully it is humorous, enlightening, entertaining, provocative…an eye opening..er mind opening fer ya…an not a waste of ur time readin !
if u can visualise a shift the way i see it a shift might occur, on many levels if not jest one: like a time warp er somethin’ of alike.
When the result of ur thinking an “not thinking” but observing an not analysing but jest realizing, then this sort of shift can occur in ones life. Where dramatic changes in not only thought but also in many times physical reality exist. One can see that there are more than one er 2 er 3 answers to a specific question, an possibly more then jest one “reality” could exist!…the fact is that being able to see the many sides of the coin so to speak has been labeled “bi-polar” or dual diagnosis or dual personality, or multiple personalities etc etc…so as a result of getting labeled thata way they are perceived as “BEING WRONG’ for the way they think, when in all actuality it is not wrong to be able to perceive one reality in many different ways, with many different outcomes in the end, all depending upon which choice of perception was chose. Still with me? well for many i had already lost ya at the bakery before we even got started. Many are stuck in a thought process of only lewking at things in “ONE WAY’ the way they were taught to perceive an lewk at those sort of things being viewed. Ever hear the term ? Change the way u perceive the situation or lewk at it an the situation itself can change?….well, in my eyes it is true that that is how life werks for many of us to go through the experience “WE CHOOSE” to to be able to learn the lesson out of it that was intended by “THE MIND” …not ur mind but THE MIND! i call it the mind of god, or the holy spirit, the one that talks to ya…and is very intelligent, so intelligent that when really put to task to analyse any particular situation well, it can come up with a myriad of ideas for the “future”… or not….


not a gewd idea to judge ur past; Forgive it an ur self instead!

If one is established in fear based thinking they can always see the werst in everything they observe, in many different ways, an the choices become overwhelming not narrowed down an can cause much confusion in our limited brain…So my suggestion to people with “OVER ACTIVE” OVER ANALYTICAL” minds is to slow down , take it easy with the thought system an take things one thought at a time. Fot a super intelligent brain this is hard to do because they are so busy doing the random pick an choose things they have to as they think bout things faster than they are even subjeckted to!…what i mean is they down slow down enuf to make the intelligent decision frum the mind a lot, they can make the quickest, most logical choice frum the brain instead, even when the mind is giving them 100 other choices. an vice a versa in a way when the mind is yelling one thing exclusively “immediately” the furst thought! an the brain resists through fear based analysis.

coming back to life
So, when one becomes aware that they can sense an visualize even all possibilities of choice very quickly in the mind, where many possible outcomes exist based upon the choice of the action that would be taken for the specific event!…well, sumtimes when these kind of people become aware that they are aware of so much it is then that life becomes sometimes distracting an overwhelming for them. kinna like a squirrel stuck in the middle of the road with a car coming at him, he can’t figure out which way to run, knows he has to but can’t figure out which direction to go…if miraculously he goes in the right direction he might miss the oncoming vehicle, But most normally if u have evr seen this behavior then u realize the squirrel is clueless? Is it because he is stupid? no it is because maybe he is in a circumstance he has never been in before an is indecisive to as which direction he must take to survive. But perchance, if he is to survive by the correct choice, he learns over time of doing it over an over which way to run to avoid the oncoming vehicle. But don’t misunderstand what i am saying cuz i don’t believe repetition is the key to learning because if so we would keep learning how to do the wrong things over an over!..so fact is whats important, is remembering, an EXPERIENCE. I am only experienced by what i do truly by fucking up a lot in the past, or how else would i know not to do what i need to do to fail or win in any situation. Unless i was a good listener an applied all the smart, right good things to my life i ever heard, well experience is the only way one can remember that .”OH THAT WAS THE WRONG WAY TO DO IT! IFI DO IT THATA WAY BY EXPERIENCE OF PAST MISTAKES I MIGHT GET HURT, so one learns not to do the same shit ass things they did in the past! bout that simple but also bouyt that complicated also,,,,so what i attempt to do based on past experience is the best answer to any given situation how i want the outcome to turn out how i go about doing it whatevr it is in life. What ever did not werk in the past i have to remember to throw away an not try again, an well, without analyzing jest try another way which might werk better this next time, it does not guarantee success but at least i won’t make the same shit assed mistakes i made in the past!……
So, what i am trying to say is that there are many different realities! {ways of perceiving things} its important that we choose the correct reality based on correct love based thinking an self preservation in contrast to fear based delusional thinking of the negative way to create the particular reality…back to my many post-its of before back in time……..LOVE er FEAR? u choose?…in other words is the decision u are making love based or fear based? is the reaction or creation gonna be love based or fear based also…those that are in a state of fearbased thinking well, they will have a hard time with most of the outcomes…because it is usually not the positive choice that transpires in the end…so they end up in ruins…an have to start all over again..to rebuild frum all the damage frum the last fear based decision, based on fear based thoughts. In my experience if i choose the LOVE BASED thought of the 2 direction i can go with almost any thought, well i am usually better off, much better off.
So this brings one to the fact that quantum jumping within the mind is possible, what one has to be able to do is discern frum love based or fear based thoughts….is my experience anyhow…an well, if i pick the negative fear based thoughts to fight or flight or flee, the situation er whatevr , usually the love based one gets knocked out of the movie an i get the creation of fear based negative results…so all i can say is think before ya think Leap! an think before ya act? an ask urself? is this a love based thought i am thinking or fear based thought, then move on frum there to the action an the ask urself is this a love based re action or creation? or a fear based one? if both the thoughts are onthe love side well, usually in the end the effect will be LOVE BASED IDEAS. IDEALS< OR FUTURE EVENTS TO BE A HAPPENIN’ !…….

So, point is, if u are one of those LABELED? a dual personality er whatnot? well? it’s not a bad thing……..it’s really a good thing to be able to percieve an also react an act according to many different facets of the same diamond viewed, if ya get my drift…..it is what one does with the multitude of thoughts that pour through with an over active over analytical mind till they learn how to slow it down.an always choose the love based decision an loved based thoughts to view an act upon…cuz truly there is nothing to fear cept fear itself when one gets down to it..an no one has to ever get saved frum anything or anyone BUT THEMSELVES…unless they are held prisoner, then it is simply going back to ground zero,,,,,,,,,an doing whatevr it is necessary to get out of that kind of hostage of the mind situation!……
Still so very hard to explain in writing but if we were purfekt now-centric beings, with no worries for the future or regrets and misgivings about the past…then well, it would be much simpler to jest choose to make that love based decision…but if we fear past events etc etc…then those past events could come into play in the future.an that’s the last thing one really wants to do in the end.or in the beginning of a new beginning lewking forward to a different kind of ending for ones very own personal life.The challenges of jumping to a new reality become clear when we start doubting ourselves based on who we think we are based on what weโ€™ve already done and what we think we can do.
so, all i can say is be MINDFUL! in a positive way ! an the mind will bring one positive things most of the time, but if an when ya fear it will usually turn out to be the winner, so i say NO FEAR…..JUMP.OR LEAP as i would to a new flight a new future,an a new life another day! being positively positive instead of positively negative….another post-it to come concerning that i suppose…….
Take care one an all an i hope ya got a tidbit er 2 of the drift i was attempting to take ur mind in reading this…Jump to a new future….an do it positively positive! for positively positive reasons.an well, it jest might turn out thata way fer ya.whatevr it is ur contemplating doing?….
PS: ONCE AGAIN:! Don’t let ur past steal ur future!

PSS: I have used my depression to actually inspire myself into future events that are more positive in outcome than the events of the past that caused my depression!

PSSST: also in my experience if i visualize the werst thing that can happen an dwell upon itr or fear it happening it usually does,an the other way round if i visualize the most positive outcome, well that most likely will be what will come to pass.when i lewk back frum the future to the now!….living in thios new godlike consciousness of multi-diminsional awareness!…FOR IT IS NOT REALLY A DIS-EASE as so they have labeled….MUltidimensional is not a dis-ease! awareness is good, jest depends upon the perception u choose to act upon! right!..


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5 thoughts on “Embracing ur suffering an holding onto the good thoughtz is what matters the mostest!

  1. I’ve used my awful past to inspire others, I squelched my Compulsive Obsessive Compulsions and now no longer live in fear of dust or disorganization..so I don’t! so what if my house is dusty! I got your drift! just trying to make light of it! Have a great night Q! ๐Ÿ™‚ T. ps….people have to remember..words don’t kill!

    • agreed….yeah i got a note frum someone the other day they said they will never evr read my blog again..said it was 2 offensive to them an i must be aligned with the devil… i jest had to laugh, cuz some of my stuff musta’ hit home the wrong way for that person..their loss as far as i am concerned..i can only move forward without hesitation an believe what i believe out of my experiences on this planet, was hoping i was sharing my experience strength an hope for the still suffering personality . lol .oh well. ..sumtimes i gots to be positively negative bout all da’ positive negativity is all love an light to ya lady bug ๐Ÿ™‚ keep on shinin’ my friend

    • well, what i am refering to is ya gots to go thru what one has to to over come the depression frum the past experiences! an let it go…can’t jest put it to the side as if it does not exist…

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