***** I found this in my mailbox saved frum 2 years ago…am trying to clean house an want to thank Sheri for all she has said an posted for my werld an da’ werld she lives in also in the past …

Sheri has helped Quark in his transition toward the light at the end of the tunnel i guess.she had jest the right thing to say at jest the right moment …in my solitude serene alone an sumtimes lonely winternights! she was a great moral support an i have to thank her for that today! Thanks Sher!..if ya have never seen her web werld check it out…click here or on the end of this post to read the rest of the blog an check out her world…Sher is bout keepin’ things positive an moving forward without hesitation, an well, those are 2 of my main mottos in life also…

Hope Sheri an her other half of ur heart is doing jest fine! She got married last year!,,,,,take care peace out to u 4 2017. Namaste’ 2 u … Q 🙂


Dear Human,

No matter who you are. No matter your wealth or poverty. No matter the color of your skin. No matter your race or gender. No matter your faith or religion. Everyone gets wounded. Everyone feels pain.


It’s not the physical of which I speak, but rather that invisible pain. The kind that rips your heart so deeply that you think you won’t survive.

But you will. I promise.

And you can speed up the process of healing if you take the wound caused by the pain and lovingly care for it. You can allow it to heal without festering a nasty infection that spreads to those around you.

Tend to it daily in the garden of your mind. The one place that only you can go to everyday and cultivate. The one place within you where you grow and become more tuned into the real and…

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