Intuitive mindwerks 4 treatment-resistant unipolar and bipolar major depression

Intuitive mindwerks lol. u suffer frum anxiety er depression? well come on a journey with me…an envision ur separate reality!..

frum da’ moment of inception!

Psychedelic psychotherapy works…- i can say having been there done that i can say so myself….werks for a variety of people with many different issues both mental an physical…

was sent this one today frum and they had Alex Greys Artwerk as a header …so, i decided to open a Alex folder here i have an share a few of his fantastic hand drawn artworks thru out this post. all art by alex grey, no, he does not use a computer ..he does all his stuff freehand …he is a visionary artist ….who does art shows all over the world – many of the paintings here were done over a couple of days at an art exhibition etc etc…live pert amazing to me …anyhow jest of the story today is this….an that lol an an excuse top show off alex grey artwerk…to see more of his stuff see his website or jest type his name in ur browser an click on photos @ any major web server pert amazing…alex grey artwerk that is ….an what a bita’ mindwerk will do fer ya………

……….. frum da’ mind above {she} came to me..2 help heal us!

Many continue to think of lightworkers as being only those spiritually gifted individuals doing healing work, teaching, or channeling. This belief is a facet of the belief in separation for in truth everyone is a spiritual being and every activity becomes Lightwork when done with awakened eyes and ears.


Lightwork is the natural effect of an evolved state of consciousness, one that without conscious effort can lift the energy of those receptive. Even the most seemingly insignificant of daily interactions are Lightwork when they flow on energy streams of true Love and Light.
so ……..
treatment-resistant unipolar and bipolar major depression is a dis-ease…that is curable!!!!.please…read on ….

………………………….she is hanging in dere’!…………………

Psychedelics have a long history in shamanistic ceremonies, transformational work, psychotherapy, and trauma treatment. When Albert Hofman accidentally discovered LSD in 1938, he set off a cascade of research and case studies. By the time the US war on drugs declared LSD illegal in 1968, the therapeutic community had generated thousands of articles about their usefulness in change work, transformational work, and treatment of trauma. depression an anxiousness.

when 2 become one lotsa healing occurs a devine union of souls!

Today psychedelic drugs like MDMA, ketamine, psilocybin, and Ayahuasca are being used by therapists and shamans around the world with promising results to treat PTSD as well as a variety of anxiety, depressive, chemical dependence, end of life, and trauma related disorders. As this research has become more mainstream, practitioners have been developing protocols for treatment–for example the California Institute for Integral Studies has developed a program to certify practitioners in facilitating psychedelic experiences.

In this episode, special guest Dr. Elliott Ingersoll joins Doctors Keith Witt and Mark Forman to share their personal and professional experiences with psychedelics while reviewing relevant research, current practices, and the amazing potentials of these treatments. Therapists need as many tools as possible to remediate symptoms, enhance health, and support development. The way we see it therapies utilizing psychedelics will become increasingly available and likely useful in the years to come.

Bobo, W.V., Voort, J. L., Croarkin, P. E., Leung, J. G., Tye, S. J., & Frye, M.A. (2016). Ketamine for treatment-resistant unipolar and bipolar major depression: Critical review and implications for clinical practice. Depression and Anxiety, 33, 698–710.

Jest some food 4 thought 4 da’ day

  • an some kewl artwerk –

an a few blessings of love an light 2 ya!

dats all!

keep ur chin up an design the future u wish 2 see!

hopefully, best one can do anyhew..

over an out frum da’ Q


Alex Grey (born November 29, 1953) is an American visionary artist, author, teacher, and Vajrayana practitioner. His body of work spans a variety of forms including performance art, process art, installation art, sculpture, visionary art, and painting. Grey is a member of the Integral Institute. He is also on the board of advisors for the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics, and is the Chair of Wisdom University’s Sacred Art Department. He and his wife Allyson Grey are the co-founders of The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM), a non-profit church supporting Visionary Culture in Wappingers Falls, New York.

Paradoxical Choices and old Habits

When one in their own mind makes a choice…they can sometimes feel…

stop thinkin stop time!…. nope is what it is!? so have a good time! whatevr u do!

overwhelmed , cranky or annoyed.tired or a bit spaced out well?.
it is usually as a result of a habit on of thing or another..that caused them to reflect an make the choice in the manner in which they did..out of old habit!..Habits of belief are also of the kind also …when fate – destiny – pomp – circumstance – being in the right or wrong place at the wrong er right time? ha…er jest plain un-awareness (ignorance) sumetimes…all also play a part in the picture show ya develop in ur mind..verses the ones that happen in real life that ya didn’t expect er whatnot..

One may recognize this craziness of the emotional weather in the mind an judge it, but i say try not to do that….some may have the impulses or urges to overeat, or to avoid certain things they have for years….facing the past an releasing it is good for the health; although holding onto the past full of resentments are sure killers an lead right back to the same problem that created the problem..the habit…whatevr it was… habitual thinking ..i call the thinkin’ dis ease..then habitual doing….. it is why many people fall apart at the seams when they really have it all together ..viewed frum another set of eyes…
what a lot of folks got to realize to me is that if they get rid of that judgemental part of the mind that wants to win over the holy spirit, (the ego)…a realization a day keeps the doc away i used to say…an i was always talking bout the mental doc….
once one realizes that what we pay mind to! makes up our mind with all things…TRULY!…

so point for the day is that if ya have certain things in ur mind that are always pushing ur buttons….well is like the storms that come an go …when they come ya jest got to hunker down an deal with it realistically an accept..the good bad an even horrible truths ya make up bout the event in ur mind….remember it is all bout perception!…EVERYTHING!….

result is; we change our perception (the way we lewk @ the werld) the world can an will change accordingly to our truest desires…it will inevitable unfold itself eventually to be what it is or is not for ur everness..4 evr er not….is a choice of the mind how we choose to perceive the world we live with in …an how we change it if we desire to change it…that is the world we live in..however it might be…
each an everyone’s experience will be the difference of tha same set of choices ultimately!…an ignorance is NO EXCUSE!
Also being too smart for the counselor is also not a good idea also…being the victim is the wrong answer also…jest being in truth with all things…well thats the hardest part most people have in accepting reality as to be what it is an what it is not….
So bottom line for me today is i have a choice to perceive things in the “light of love” or the “darkness of storms” is my choice how i choose to view a certain event place or person or happening in the world …past present or future! positive er negative – my choice! ur choice indeeD!

anyway think once think twice in an instant 2 make the correct choice an have a great day er night whatevr it is in ur part of the world..

Believe in the good thoughtZ! an remember a dream is a wish the heart makes ..SO???.


Please don’t make ur self ur own choice to remain in that ol’ thinkin disease 4 evr…not a good place to to get back to my own motto Move forward without hesitation! to infinity an beyond!.

Release all the B.S. an even the important stuff that keeps ya frum being able to live @ they say in A.A. …don’t force nutin…but will it to be ..the good that ya been seeking towards for so long now…that goal is closer than ya think…More than a desire now it has an will become part of ur life to such a degree that well..simply said……because U want to live

Ya want to LIVE!!!
HappY Joyous an Free……….cuza ur “new Vision of” Ur NEW ” REALITY!”….same ol’ but jest a bit more refined an better ya see….life…..”one Day @ a Time”….w/remembrance!……….

………………………and “Beyond! :)”

peace out to one an all whom might come across the paradoxical Quisicale world of the Q 🙂

take care for now over an out!

No Option sumtimez in Recovery

What Next!?…..An all of a sudden?..that’s life!.wat a mess

options an no options! ? …& that’s life also!..

Night before last my younger brother past away! his birthday would have been this next week on the 31st 😦

last weekend now since he passed an i wrote this… 😦
sad to say..&.changed my mothers life 4 evr in an instant also…i pray for my mom… ❤
the one this has mostly affected. Although yesterday am i woke up @ 9 am an got that
all of a sudden feeling going…ya know the one where ya gots the flu an ya are outa control…yep..that one…so went on for bout 2 hours…till i was past the point of no return for driving myself to the hospital!………i was almost on the verge of going unconscious frum dehydration an high B.P. etc etc ..that goes with my illness…so, I called EMS…didn’t have anyone here to drive me to hospital…an i live a long ways out…most secrure measure i could do is call ambulance….cuz i knew i needed fluids in me at any cost…was getting seriously dizzy!… 🙂 😦
Was bout ready to pass out when ems showed up…but the guy that was a medic knew what to do right away! 🙂 ..was amazing….got me into bed in the ambulance in my drive way…i was aching in pain…he immediately started an IV into me for some fluid regeneration…an gave me a shot of pain killer in the iv also….ahhhhhh..within 2 minutes i was feeling better! was amazing….I think i need a nurse at home that could do this for me whenever it happens i need it lol… would save me a lot of trouble an EMS also…So; before i even left the driveway in the ambulance i was feeling better!…
So whats it CALLED? REcovery! ? yep… if i only knew what i know now then huh! i find myself saying a lot these days!….but is how one lives an learns i assume…I have been stranded many times in the past …so now this is becoming a norm i do not like…being sick with my pkd….wasn’t such a big deal when it was sumthing i could deal with my self.. but now it has reached far beyond my personal control…kinna like the spiraling out of control economy! haha…funny but so true….
As with my flying; SPIN RECOVERY is very important… the only way to get that recovery is by experience an doing what is necessary not to crash! @ whatevr it is ya are doing…me i relate it to my flying…ya really never know when the wind might toss ya over an ya might go into a spin…when that happens ya have to accelerate opposite forces upon it as the direction of the spin..only natural right…well, with a lot of practice is thata way..but for the un-experienced pilot could be deadly…so…i have to revert always to my most assertive of werds ” Crashing is NOt an Option!” an move on frum there….Even if u are “Experienced”…..
After beiung released frum the hospital on foot..without a ride home i hitchhiked…that is always a trip round here also …out of towners jest flip ya off an roar on by etc etc for 1/2 an hour …till finally someone i know drives up…gots me to almost home…an them within 1/2 mile of walking i got picked up again by a guy an drivin’ all the way up to my house way out in the middle of sumwheres lol…So had luck an good fortune running with me that day i would say! @ least!….
An also as i have stated in the past it is always a good idea to really have a back up plan Jest in case one might “crash” …accidentally…….if ya find ur self in that predicament remember this….time slows down during the crash! lol… An at that point the best one can do is try to counter it to crash softly!…an remember that the ground is the hardest part of flying….! ha……
So, they say i’ll feel better once i get to be on dialysis….well…? shall see how that goes…I have to be able to guarantee them (the doctors) an me that i can get to dialysis over a mtn pass…3 times a week 60 miles away for 4 hours at a time…so main thing is to attempt to have dependable transportation, an gas money to do it 12 times a month!…The docs say i will prolly be on dialysis for some time till i get my systems stabilized…@ that point he wishes to get a team together to be able to replace my kidney with a live kidney frum a donor..If not i will simply be on dialysis for the rest of my life!….

Not quite so easy as going to the auto parts store an buying a replacement organ!…or well i could have had my brothers kidney…but who’d know huh!..who would know…
so point of this post it today is .whatevr ya are doing ..whomever ya are…if ya gots pains an trials an tribulations…well, they too will pass, an the next time similar things happen in ur life ya will be better prepared with how to deal with it an also how to deal with helping others that might be affected by the loss also…..Keep in mind 🙂 ya are alive….
Point is what ya going to do with that alive 🙂 ? enjoy it the best one can is what i have to say to that …Jest make da’ best of it “One Day @ a Time”! 🙂

……..namaste’ frum da’ king of pain lol…….


ie remember! A realization a day will help keep da doc away…..jest maybe anyhew!

an when there appears to be no options…

there are always options

…as long as one is still alive….
Today my best friends dog had to be put down…is a very depressing event to have to go thru…she is devastated an ..cuz she is i am also now .i can feelher hurt an her loss……he was the cutest little lovable creature… well, i jest love dogs…especially cute little happy dogs….so sad to see him go heart an soul are with ya lady if an when ya read this…cuz i am not there ..know my tears flow also 4 u cuza u an ur mutt! ….wish i could be there to hug an hold ya…but as ya know in the next couple of days i have to deal with my surgery…ON THE ROAD 2 RECOVERY I SHALL BE round the block an back round to ssee everyone an get it back together once again! till then.HAPPY TRAILS keep on keepin on! 🙂

an as 4 me an my agenda in the next 48 hours are most important…i hate going under anastesia!…hope i wake up always…PEACE -OUT to one an all an all of my readers on the w.w.w

…… Q……

an after all that …no fooling round ..i deserve a road trip…john john is back to watch place whilst i run away for a few days...will keep ya posted…


da’Search for Happiness & a Beautiful Relationship

Da’ Search For Happiness And A Beautiful Relationship

     Inside us we have a deep subconscious memory of the original, perfect and eternal relationship with our It or Higher power, Friend, Guide and or Parent, the One remembered as God, Allah, Ishwar, etc. whatevr it is ..that voice inside that talks to ya.   It is only when we restore our relationship with this Being is that we can experience true happiness or bliss.   Bliss is the highest form of spiritual happiness we can experience.  It is experienced only when we are free of all attachment, when we no longer identify wrongly with anything physical and when our inner mental state is not dependent on anything or anyone.

     At its highest level and in its purest state, our relationship with God is non-dependent and unconditional, and therefore blissful.   Deep within the soul, there is a memory of the bliss of this perfect union and it is this memory that inspires us to search for the perfect relationship, for the perfect happiness.   However, instead of seeking it at the spiritual level, we seek at the level of personality and body.   We search in those around us for the perfect partner – our soul mate. It is not incorrect to have worldly relationships, but there needs to be a deep realization inside each one of us that our true soul mate, is the One with whom we can have an ever-lasting, eternal relationship, the One with whom we have the deepest eternal bond (over a period of many births), the One from whom we will experience everlasting, eternal, unconditional attainments.

~~~~~~and another point er 2 bout “Expression an Experience” frum me to u …..


***** Relax Take a deep breath – it’s gona be okay! ******

To change means to experience progress.

Expression: Whenever there is a desire to bring about a change, there is also a simultaneous intense feeling to find a change instantly – and fully. Yet this does not always happen. However, true change is that in which there is at least a little change. When there is constant effort put in to be better and to do better, then naturally the best results are visible, even if there is not perfection seen overnight.


Experience: When I bring about a change constantly, in whatever little way I can, I am able to experience constant progress. I do not have great expectations, but will be satisfied with the little changes that I make and will have the confidence to go on putting in effort. Even with the little results that I attain I will be able to take encouragement constantly. I am thus able to move on towards perfection.

To accept responsibility is to accept challenge.

In many situations that life brings our way we have two choices – we meet it bravely and take up responsibility for our own lives and the choices we make or we just try to escape. Many times we find ourselves taking the second way, which brings no internal satisfaction. Internal satisfaction lies more in accepting challenges than in trying to escape them. I need to remain on the field in the game of life instead of just being a spectator. The more I play the more expertise I gain. This thought enables me to accept the different challenges that life brings.

~~ so Good Realizations of thought every day! Do keep da’ doctor away! ~~

allz i gots 2 say!

This post-it is a post with {HER] in mind ❤ ….thanks fer being U woman an makin’ my day! week – month an year so much better! You have been the greatest blessing in my life NOW after the many decades…. ❤ Thanks fer lovin’ me lady! 🙂 I do so love u so very much! ❤

Your Divine Friend..Q

PS: it does! create happiness to do soul werk, an house werk in the right frame of mind! if ya got the time for real love in ur life…some people don’t have time or desire for loving people anymore in the life they choose so they loose to the habits they chose over love! I did not really seek but in the last year a flame has lit up my life ❤ an re-introduced me to feelins’ i thought were lost deep inside years ago…An i tell ya what! the feeling of love instead of resentments means all the world to person with a terminal illness of anykind! all i know…frum da wolf’s mouth indeeD!…

over an out frum Q

“Twin flames are our mirrors. They reflect back to us our every strength, insecurity, weakness and shadow element. The purpose of the twin flame relationship is to help us undergo soulwork and become the best version of ourselves possible.”

The Good Ol’ days

plug in container lol.

more of the same ol in Q’s wunderful werld these days…
lets see…plug in errors…java script errors lol…menu errors…shut down errors… but nothing wrong with the computer.yeah right huh!….wordpress editor will not open! stalls at half way point…so therefore cannot do fresh new blog posts…computer it self is running out of memory lol…well…it is quite old by todays standards an is full of music….guess this will become the music server here soon ennuff…this program must end sorry for the inconvenience yeah guess so….we are using 100% of ur computers ability jest to browse the internet now lol.jeez……virtual memory shot…physical memory still has lots..but time to re format really but can’t find cd now lol is what it is…wont post a phot with this cuz it will get hung up trying to open the photo editor an such…but figured i’d update some of my friends that might be a wundering….WAS UP?….
Like i have old computers out in garage that operate on windows 2000 an such..they still work…an are not for the internet but for music….hundred of hours worth of stuff on the old hard drives out there an they serve the purpose ..even today still..get good use out of my older equipment…
Back to the point of planned obsolescence…with stuff…in the new throw away age? kinna disgusting to me really!….piles of unnecessary trash in the world cuz teck can’t be happy with itself enuff to jest stabilize for a few years lol…
Put me out of business a few years back teck did…when it took lotsa money to keep up in the TECK industry of computers an such.the industry grew amazingly fast!..I got stuck with an inventory of 5 megapixel cameras an older com[puters etc etc…stuff that was well …one day werth 500 bucks was werth 100..cuz of tech changes …also i bought an sold “high DEF” monitors ” an regular monitors also ..but really expensive 4-500 dollar high def drafting monitors…when teck came out with the new flat screen monitors etc etc..well that was killed….@ same with when i had racks an racks of dial up servers…an switch boxes..that well today ..are rubbish….Old Teck New tecK…New teck took over on this old guy frum the LAST GENERATION…
The last generation that remembers station wagon s full of kids headed off to the beach in sandy eggo with surfboards on top…59 chevy wagon…mom drives to beach every day takes kids lol…so she can bask in the sun…those were the well, no seat belts were even in the darn car..cept for the frt seat lap belts…yep those were the days…when a 9 year old could roam round an have a great old time in publik on his skateboard er whatnot…an not have to woory bout “bad guys” lol..geez…yep those were the days…Now ur a criminal if u leave ur 9 year old unattended Like wtf? …….glad i don’t live where that is …but appears that is appearing to be the way it is all over the country an werld where there are too many people packed into one area….
So those were the days with lotsa things in Q’s werld these days…LOng story bout the hows an whys that i do NOT have a fistula i my arm yet…was supposed to be in there months last month it did not this month it is supposed to happen next week providing i have a ride to an frum surgery? that sucks…so werking on that still…my closest is not in town this next week an everyone i know that can is working to support themselves…so i will hit up a couple of retired guys tomorrow an see if they can help mr mikey here..we shall see….they told me they had a cab service that does transport for patients like me an well i called em an since i am medicare an not medicaid they can’t do ..they are a medicaid program lol…so i ask okay how much to take me over there an back..they say well.. oh way $190.00 I am like wtf again ..ya got to be kidding me takes 45 minutes an 12 bucks werth of gas..where do they get off at that kinna price …insane…..
So my 2 cents werth for the day ….If i haven’t been round ur sites or the wordpress photo challenges…well…is because of the computer issues…an also life issues i talk bout throughout my blog werld here…Strange how for a month now i have not had a bad bout with my dis-ease! highly unusual as bad as it me being at a 8.7 on creatine level I crashed 6 weeks ago…I think LOVE has lots to do with me not being sick @ present! also!
another 2 cents werth is well, when one is down an out an attacked or feeling attacked by others or the disease they might have…My suggestion to them is not matter what an no matter how much it might hurt physically also, enduring an getting thru it is might be very hard…but with LOVE ON UR SIDE! well it sure helps….. .Focus on the Love u do Have a see right in front of Ya…
I have placed my focus on the things an people i love instead of the things i hate an regret although they are there lol…but focusing on the now an what matters the most is what is important…
My deal is truly “ONE DAY AT A TIME’ here…an every day is a as far as i am concerned….is kinna of a strange thing when the love of ur life can’t be by ur side @ present due to different situations…mostly an mainly though because of money now….ah yeas the big money trap…they got me right where they want me…Say retire ol’ man ur too sick to work….so ya retire an they don’t give ya enuff to do anything more than get by with…if the wintertime one is reaching out when stranded by the snows an broken down vehicles an whatnot..but this last year well..i was on my own….Sure i choose to live way out here which is good in so very very many ways…but if i were to live anywhere else @ present on my “retirement” ssdi income well… i would DIE! came close to that this last winter here anyhew….so, @ least my house is 3/4 paid for lol…thats a blessing….bout a couple a years more if i live that long to see it…am hopin so….
So, til next time round the house of values….

Check out Quarksire’s web world if ya have not ever ….there are lotsa catagories an many blogs to go thru..frum my years upon this wordpress platform….
To all my long term readers that come round ever so often etc etc…..I think the world of ya all….an thank ya for all the suppoort an understanding over the years!……

Q aka mike in the colorful san juan mtns of colorado! 🙂 …

Good News Bad News in Quarksires World…hmmm

And that leadz me to this!!!! I got the WordPress Editor to open for the furst time in a month since they changed up on all the stuff here…an it accepts my colored text etc etc..will see laters if it takes a pic added…Well,,,,that was the good news….second bit of good news for 2016 for me is it is almost over…….Hoping many things i have talked bout over the years are werth something to someone along the line as they read my blogwerld here…Years ago i started blogging to help keep myself mentally healthy an share with others on the planet how i do that an also physically healthy to the best of my abilities, an everyones ability is different an some folks are jest capable of more than others depending upon the disability they have.

     I have written many post-its bout love an healing an moving forward without hesitation in life through out my blog werld here…each with an idea to help another to solve a particular problem they might have concerning that subjekt…or sumtimes jest to bring a bit of light of humor into ones day…

     !0 years ago i was told i had a short amount of time to survive on this planet…in the months..wouldn’t make it many years they said…Well.I have no surpassed the marker with my dis-ease that well…they say the normal person would be in bed 4 ever over….so i am doing pert good in my opinion…but doc says get things in order mikey…An has ordered me to do kidney dialysis….my level of kreatinin has risin to the level of 8.5 on the rickter scale…..

     Essentially my kidneys have stopped functioning as far as he is concerned…an they ordered an ultrasound for tuesday…all well an fine in a way…but they ordering me to dialysis which is 40 miles away an is 3 times a week an quite a commitment…i can make it but all 3 of my vehicles are broken down an have been since thanksgiving…living on disability suks when ya can’t jest fix the shit ya need to cuz ya don’t have enuff $$$ but is what it is so i stranded @ it is..werking on my course in a miracle..evry day in my life for the last 10 years it has been.i still here….

     MOrtgage means death note lol…an i only have a couple of years till its totally paid…now they tell its time to leave get my shit my stuff in order for that happy moment..damn i was jest starting to have fun in this life…is a trip that when ya get to the point where it is alll werth while an all that was was werth while also…welll.the good news comes in? 😦 well, depends upon how ya lewk at it huh!…I myself like this life…an wish i could stay around for a while an intend to ….but ya never know really i guess the way i see it now..

     all i can do is hope an pray thati have had somethin to offer the ones that needed my help in recovery over the years ..frum whatevr the dis-ease might have been.hope i did a good job at helpin ya all get a better grip on some of the simple yet very complicated things on this planet…..One is love verses fear……….an i hope that love wins over in 2017 for one an allz that come across the whacked werld of Q here……….Yep There is a reason why i do this blog site an its not jest for my entertainment……or learnin But for YOURS!.Namaste 2 one an all frum the Q aka mike in southern colorado…..

PS: its gonna snow again tomorrow..! lol ya would nevr know we shall see…….

adios til next time Q……..!

Zen Dis’ thought fer da’ day

Yes it’s 10 2 Zen sumwheres sumplace! this day!
other times all I can say is
WOW: Wish Only Well!

I think. Therefore,

I Wish Only Well.

Wow 2 U 2 today!

A Q ful frum da’ wishin’ well..

🙂 of wow!:)

Do you realize that if you Wish ONLY Well,
you can create your own world into what you wish?
And what is your own world?
It’s the place in life where you are:
your present conditions, circumstances, family, friends,
work, environment – in other words, your LIFE.
By Wishing ONLY Well,
you make your own world
the whole world better.
It’s neither altruistic nor selfish..’s logical!
You reap what you sow.
Well, most of da’ time enyhew!
Of course that doesn’t mean that
exactly what you did will be done to you.
That would be too easy.
It means that you will never know
the exact moment that you will shine or will fall,
depending on how you live your life. An by response to the choices that one makes on the next best thing to do; any given moment er any given day!
Choose the high road, and expect the best.
You create your own world, and by extension the whole world, every minute.
Every Second, evry hour, evry Day!
so quark says let urself be wowzad
a ❤ felt realization a day;
keeps da’ doc away!
“Believe it er’ not”

used to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure
noun: An outstanding success
verb: to impress greatly

Wish Only Well
wish: To desire; to long for; to hanker after;  to have a mind or disposition toward.
only: So and no otherwise; no other than; exclusively; solely; wholly.
well: In a good or proper manner; justly; rightly;  not ill or wickedly.

WOW is Wish Only Well

and on that note: