The yearly Pagosa Spring Car Show in da 4 corners

went to the car show last friday eve an saw lotsa eye candy for the car lovers an met a lotta new people…

lotta local cars in Colorful Pagosa Springs, colorado…was a blast…here are some shots ya might get a kick out of if ya like older cars…..

**an evening in da park**


                                      *** DA’ Band***


***a kewl roadster***

***work in progress***



***Farm Truck Engine***

***a 53 chevy***

***DA’ T-BIRD***





***LiL’ Red Express***


***a supercharged camaro***

***Da’ SURF BUG***

***Mr. Thompsons awesome v-8 Volkswagen***


…..hope ya enjoyed the show…..

Take care evryone.over an out frum da’ Q aka mike in wolf creek colorado! 🙂 chow!

A Bit of Nostalgia frum Quarksire

Nostalgia < werd of da’ week!

What kinds of experiences stir emotions for the past within you?!

asks> jeffgolenski …….frum wordpress weekly photo challenge this week…what a great werd fer da’ week!

yes indeed!

target practice

a bit of target practice

So here is a bit of nostalgia frum Q’s werld..i am 60 years old now…& ..i like to bring life back to old things, women an cars!

lol….sumpthin with my name on it an put into it!

that will last for many years after i am dead an gone……






My form of art is to bring back nostalgic vehicles to a werkin condition an showable thing to drive round fer fun!


lifes a grind then ya get over it!

yes hot rods hot cars are fun to restore in Q’s werld

got to peel away the past to start a new beginning

got to peel away the past to start a new beginning

fer a few bucks more an a lotta fun an sumpin to do in the summertime round here!


i strive for a mirror like finish!

…jesta couple of my nostalgic pieces here fer ya…


again Lifes a Grind! The ya get over it!


Basecoat done now to sand an acrylic enamel an clearcoat

follow the link here Autobody by Quarksire to see more

Autobody by da’ Quarked one mikey here!

Take care an have a great week everyone…

so far there be some kewl nostalgic pics to lewk at frum all over the Werld at wordpress weekly photo challenge!


~~~ peace out 2 U ~~~

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Autobody by Quarksire


Werd of da’ week is Mirror

~ SO, werd of da’ week at wordpress worldwide photo challenge is mirror..


mirror reflection in black painted chevelle

yes i restore body an paint on cars also in my garage fer

🙂 fun! 🙂


a mirror like reflection in black

takes me back in time to a couple a few shots..


da’ roof

i thought were shareable.


i strive for a mirror like finish! many kewl shots frum around the world this week with over 300 entries so far.


..of reflections an mirror like images is a perty visual werd to use for the week…check out the other entries here @ wordpress weekly photo challenge by da’ daily post!…have a splendid week everyone whom comes across the wacky werld of the quasicle Q…..

~oh an by the way my mirror lewked like this when i started! 🙂


lifes a grind then ya get over it!

 .check out my other mirror like projekts here below

….Autobody by Quarksire……


This week’s challenge is all about reflections.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy Place – No Boundries




an Beyond!

as ol’ Buzz would say!…….

Every one has a different Happy Place an tis’ weeks werd was jest that happy place


My happy place comes without a lot of boundaries also,


But the projekts ever so change on a monthly basis to yearly..


so is wunderful to lewk out at the view during my day …take a big call it my happy place












Projekts galore but lewk at da happy place without boundries :)

Projekts galore but lewk at da happy place without boundries 🙂

Changing projekts same view without boundries

downhill frum here! :)

It’s all downhill frum here! 🙂

🙂 .

..Have a splended week every one Q..

.”Keep on Keepin’ On!”

Have you ever felt like the world was being a bit too rowdy? Where things and people were pushing in, crowding out your quiet thoughts — the ones that need time and

space to surface?

Happy Place

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

This week, we want you to show us where you go to get your groove back.



This week, let’s explore the creative potential of limits, borders, and dividers of all types.

Basecoat done now to sand an acrylic enamel an clearcoat

Basecoat done now to sand an acrylic enamel an clearcoat


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Change

Life’s a grind – then ya either get over it er ya die .either way there is change…an some things will outlast this ol body


Lifes a GRIND then ya either get over it er die lol

Lifes a GRIND then ya either get over it er die lol



Change is commonly defined as “to give a completely different form or appearance to; to transform.”

This may be a drawn-out process that’s difficult to capture in a single photograph, or a quick transformation that’s depicted in a snapshot.


Perhaps it’s the change of seasons. A caterpillar becoming a butterfly. A shift in the weather.
I had many choices for CHANGE this week an well, this is the thing round my werld that has changed the most in the last few weeks!.


…besides even my mind bout many a things recently for to have a friend to help me call the4 shots an vice a versa…


so anyhow biggest change round here besides my mind comes materially! an it has been a wild ride for the last 8 weeks er so .an will be a wild ride when done i am sure of that

Basecoat done now to sand an acrylic enamel an clearcoat

Basecoat done now to sand an acrylic enamel an clearcoat More to come

.so a few pics above of change frum beginnin’ to end in the last 8 weeks of spare time lol whats that >? spare time lol…couldn’t show this kinda change in one pic so is what it is 🙂 enjoy ur week every one :)..Quarks been So busy with other peoples changes an mine own also in a very good way .so haven’t been on net in da’ last couple of weeks ——– more to come…such as lifes changes….

.over an out frum Q.


JeeperZ Another Quarked ProjekT!

Q’s werld —- well—- can’t seem to keep frum crashing where i live a life with my motto being “Crashing is not an option!”

Autobody by Quarksire < Click here to see Q’s projekts

Half way dere!

Half way dere! – grind bondo & prime

Werkin on a new projekt an old too seems as though i jest keep fallin sumtimes, got to watch my step yep , as i get older an if i fall on the ground it might land me in hospital.

sumtimes lifes a grind but someone has to do it!

sumtimes lifes a grind but someone has to do it!  Everything to the bare metal furst!

So anyhew i shall update on my latest of projekts! here – which is a ground up restoration of an old jeep an i now doing all the body werk on ,



One day @ a time as it goes here!

One day @ a time as it goes here!

…end color will be yellow! will keep ya posted!


—an finishing this job furst before i can paint on jeep parts 🙂

toyota tacoma shell to get sprayed an clearcoated an buffed out :)

toyota tacoma shell to get sprayed an clearcoated an buffed out 🙂

~~~~~  ok over an out fer now ~~~~~

frum da’ Q



Quarked Projekts Then an Now


novembers prokekt

november 2014 prokekt whilst gettin branded!

🙂 Let it BeLet the voice inside do 4 U as U did 4 Me 🙂

~ trust it ~ from experience belief creates~When ur best of friends do not have a mirror to bounce thier negativity offa,<link welll it appears a lotta times u might get used as that mirror: whatver happens the werst thing one can do is toss the negativity and fear right back at their partner: er friend er soulmate; jest sumpin to think bout on this georgeous winter day in Colorado 🙂 This Photo POST -IT is bout what the Q does here to stay IN THE NOW! in wintertime round here, gets awful lonely round here jest me an my dogs so the photos below are a few of the things i have done over winters past here @ da

🙂 quarked shop on da hill   🙂 ~


~ belief creates & WISDOM comes frum living in da now so here are a few pics of projekts past below 🙂 ~

enjoy ifn’ ur a fan of da’ Q @ all –  seems to be what i end up hugging on all winter is projekts instead of a woman lol oh well Q,,,hay any takerz? rustic house on a hill in colorado with Q ? whoo hoo ! 🙂

finally painted

finally painted

*these projekts are jest since i started bloggin*

a 2 year projekt

a 2 year projekt


got to peel away the past to start a new beginning

got to peel away the past to start a new beginning


an can't jest do pn side thouroughness is a key

an can’t jest do one side thouroughness is a key


frum da rear

frum da rear


chevfrt11-09all to be ground off!





*sumtimes its whats underneath it all that really counts in the end!*

not bad fer a basecoat huh!

not bad fer a basecoat huh!


a pic is werth da werds

a pic is werth da werds an wows it creates!


another ground up projekt done also

another ground up projekt done also





*jest trying to take old an make a new life outa it here is all

target practice

target practice



*Honesty – integrity & craftsmanship Q’s bodyshop motto!**






well datz da end fer now but wanted to show everyone what i fo in da wintertime regardless, my year round fun here life on a hilltop alone an in a waiting lol. for that dream women to cometh, thought she was fer real a few times over here, the only thing real is the fear, with most so called lightworkers i call into my life ; healthy co-dependency is a hard thing for a lot of people to do..they have to have that mirror all of them to bounce offa an all the people also to make it happen, they are very unhappy people really, can only pray for the false store front they call living! all bout money!

it seems like good ol values like responsibility, love, truth, honor, respect, an integrity are hard to find these dayz…  😦

Sad; so projekts remain, another cold winter caressing steel in Q’s life i suppose lol…. 🙂 wanna see some more pics of Quarked Projekts click below

Autobody by Quarksire


” practice what ya preach “!


” lewk in da mirror!””

Say what ya mean – mean what ya say;

but don’t be mean”

an “quit bein a flip kitty! u are human being! damn-it!”an if ya always have to have someone to blame in life well, u’ll jest have to re-incarnate an come back an do this again, time to take responsibility for ur own thoughts an life ain’t it now! an quit blaming others for “what is wrong” wanna know whats wrong! watch the vid below 🙂

over an out frum Q