Children Learn What They Live by Alexi

 An Internet blog friend named ALexi frum across da’ world sent me this one today….


An i thought it was 2 kewl fer skewl so i told her i would share it with my side of the werld…i have added da’ 2 gif’s fer fun! 🙂 chow!


19 thoughts of IF; 4 Children
If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves.
If children live with ridicule, they learn to feel shy.
If children live with jealousy, they learn to feel envy.
If children live with shame, they learn to feel guilty.
If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence.
If children live with tolerance, they learn patience.
If children live with praise, they learn appreciation.
If children live with acceptance, they learn to love.
If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves.
If children live with recognition, they learn it is good to have a goal.
If children live with sharing, they learn generosity.
If children live with honesty, they learn truthfulness.
If children live with fairness, they learn justice.
If children live with kindness and consideration, they learn respect.
If children live with security, they learn to have faith in themselves and in those about them.
If children live with friendliness, they learn the world is a nice place in which to live

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Yes! Really NoW! Datz wat i said!……………….. have a great week evryone Q

20 brutal truths about life

Twaz a 3 blog night in Q’s werld & here are the 20 Brutal Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit I promised ya…I myself recoverin’ frum crashin’ lastnight! …outa’ character fer da’ Q but sumtimez a power greater than ourselves is at play! React or create our choice right! sumtimes people like me do both – before during an after “the crash”
till we LEARN! an get a grip! lol; yes takez Time!

Headin’ into da’ storm Photo: by Quarksire

Time is your most valuable asset–you need to prioritize how you spend it.

It’s much easier to talk about the weather, sports, and celebrities than your fear of mortality.

Unfortunately, the more time you spend pretending that ultimate truths don’t exist, the more time you waste not being your authentic self and getting the most out of every precious second.

Time, not money, is your most valuable asset. Allow the list below to ignite the spark of motivation you need to make better use of the time you have on this planet.

Sometimes we need to head into the storm to appreciate the light and have a renewed passion for the beauty of life.

Here are 20 brutal truths that every single person needs to hear.

1. You’re going to die and you have no idea when.

Stop pretending that you’re invincible. Acknowledge the fact of your own mortality, and then start structuring your life in a more meaningful way.

2. Everyone you love is going to die, and you don’t know when.

This truth may be saddening at first, but it also gives you permission to make amends with past difficulties and re-establish meaningful relationships with important figures in your life.

3. Your material wealth won’t make you a better or happier person.

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who achieves his or her materialistic dreams, money only amplifies that which was already present.

4. Your obsession with finding happiness is what prevents its attainment.

Happiness is always present in your life–it’s just a matter of connecting to it and allowing it to flow through you that’s challenging.

5. Donating money does less than donating time.

Giving your time is a way to change your perception and create a memory for yourself and others that will last forever.

6. You can’t make everyone happy, and if you try, you’ll lose yourself.

Stop trying to please, and start respecting your values, principles, and autonomy.

7. You can’t be perfect, and holding yourself to unrealistic standards creates suffering.

Many perfectionists have unrelenting inner critics that are full of so much rage and self-hate that it tears them apart inside. Fight back against that negative voice, amplify your intuition, and start challenging your unrealistic standards.

8. Your thoughts are less important than your feelings and your feelings need acknowledgment.

Intellectually thinking through your problems isn’t as helpful as expressing the feelings that create your difficulties in the first place.

9. Your actions speak louder than your words, so you need to hold yourself accountable.

Be responsible and take actions that increase positivity and love.

10. Your achievements and successes won’t matter on your death bed.

When your time has come to transition from this reality, you won’t be thinking about that raise; you’ll be thinking about the relationships you’ve made–so start acting accordingly.

11. Your talent means nothing without consistent effort and practice.

Some of the most talented people in the world never move out from their parent’s basement.

12. Now is the only time that matters, so stop wasting it by ruminating on the past or planning the future.

You can’t control the past, and you can’t predict the future, and trying to do so only removes you from the one thing you can control–the present.

13. Nobody cares how difficult your life is, and you are the author of your life’s story.

Stop looking for people to give you sympathy and start creating the life story you want to read.

14. Your words are more important than your thoughts, so start inspiring people.

Words have the power to oppress, hurt, and shame, but they also have the power to liberate and inspire–start using them more wisely.

15. Investing in yourself isn’t selfish. It’s the most worthwhile thing you can do.

You have to put on your own gas mask to save the person sitting right next to you.

16. It’s not what happens, it’s how you react that matters.

Train yourself to respond in a way that leads to better outcomes.

17. You need to improve your relationships to have lasting happiness.

Relationships have a greater impact on your wellbeing and happiness than your income or your occupation, so make sure you give your relationship the attention and work it deserves.

18. Pleasure is temporary and fleeting, so stop chasing fireworks and start building a constellation.

Don’t settle for an ego boost right now when you can delay gratification and experience deeper fulfillment.

19. Your ambition means nothing without execution–it’s time to put in the work.

If you want to change the world, then go out there and do it!

20. Time is your most valuable asset–you need to prioritize how you spend it.

You have the power and responsibility to decide what you do with the time you have, so choose wisely.


~~~~ OH  an one i’ll add #21 🙂 ..we all crash sumtimes 😦 even though i preach “crashing is not an option!” well, the important thing about the crash, once it starts happening if it does; is to attempt to CRASH SOFTLY – GENTLY CRASH,  if one has to crash…Be nice to Urself it hurts to crash hard – both mentally an or physically no matter how ya crash…physically or mentally…either way it B crashin’…so if’n ya have to control ur crash! all i’m sayin! One step at a time in slow motion…life will catch up with ya in Recovery!…oh thats after the crash – another story!  🙂  … Q ~~~~~

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Gettin a Grip

Planetary Declaration of Independence

Jest Put a Label on it huh!


Well……..some things should have labels on them yep yep…an be labeled correctly!

But this article is about labels people put on each other etc etc

this is a sticky subjekt..but so very true bout society as a whole…
LABELING; well, everything has to have a label…even the humans they know…….
sumtimes i wunder what comes furst the labeling or the judgements? What i do know is i have been labeled an tossed into a catagory to be crapped on laters by what it is 😦 their deal 😦 sad but true 😦
People whom only see the werst in others tend to label..negatively;
an people that see the best in everything an evryone well..they simply
…So sticky as dust yes indeeD is labeling opf others….appears to be a new way of the werld these days?
oooh what are you suffere=ing frum? ..what label might i apply to u ?
says the psyche or da’ doc?
such as ptsd…or bipolar…or dual personality – or depressive – or manic – or too excitable ? er what not…disease is disease…whether mental or physical…because most mental manifestations become physical in the end.
believe it er not“….
So, truths are one thing but labels are another…which is correct an which is not is all dependent upon the label-er and or the perceiver…or the doc an the client or the friend an the foe? whatevr it might be…no matter what ..most minds automatically label others without knowing WTF bout anything cept what they think they see sense feel or hear or smell…when it might be totally different than their perceptions allow them to see truly in the end..they are jest a “VICTIM” of someones labeling…an in the end sumtimes these kinna people believe they are what they have been labeled…when that is not the fact at all….
So…physical diseases aside for a moment here….this post-it is bout how people are affected an even their lives changed by negative an or in proper labeling< of what the paradox or the initial problem was in the furst place that made that person the way they are now {newly diagnosed} with…or made so to believe in….
EWhat i do know is that if people believe strongly enuff they are a certain way well, then after a certain amount of time they become thata way…even if they are not thata way…sumtimes at a very young age a PSYCHE or doc that thinks he has it all figured out bout ur kids overactive mind …well, does not understand the reasons why er whatnot..but instead labels him!!! an feeds him drugs for that particular label…is truly crazy the more i watch it go on in our society as a whole!….over the years they feed this kid more drugs for different reasons to fix the “crazy” er whatnot…when fact of the matter is they are jest a multi dimensional all knowing child…with all awareness..if u know what i mean…
So, back to the label! ….an labeling evrything ..? what a trip society has become….where no one takes responsibility for anything anymore in the big corporate scapegoat scheme of things…where one can blame evrything even the labeling….They ought to jest put a Lid on IT! b-4 they have to cover all the labels with more labels…kinna like the practitioner of falsities…starts a lie an lies to protect that lie an on down the line 27 lies later the truth has totally been absorbed by the lie itself..whats really in it ? hmmm>lets see read da’ label! ….lol…..
So, what if u put a label on something that is not correct!? or somebody!? what can be done to correct that path once it has been taken? is my deal…since i recover frum many labels i even have put on myself over the years….
Announcement of who an what ya are with a label a big fat label starts the program out all fucked up to me, such as going to self help meetings an having to stand up an label themselves at the beginning of the meeting…such as things like hi my name is mike i am an alcoholic…or my name is mike i am a addict…or whatnot…
Hello i am such an such, an i am A???? whatver it is is not only what ya are but what ya will stay an become…to change that vision is an has been my quest for many a years! no matter what people label me as???????
chronic? yep well, we are all chronic to one extent or another an well we are all suffering frum the same plight in the end!!!!!!!!!!!
so here,  hay! … “THINK 4 URSELF!” an oh yeah read da label nextime!


THE NEXT POST IT WILL BE BOUT 20 brutal facts an truths bout life….
put out in a different perspective…

take what ya want an leave the rest i guess!


An They own the companies that do all of the FALSE MISLEADING LABELING


T H E *E I G H T* F O L D * M O D E L *O F* H U M A N *C O N S C I O U S N E S S

T H E* E I G H T F O L D* M O D E L*

O F*

H U M A N* C O N S C I O U S N E S S

Robert Anton Wilson, The Illuminati Papers, p.93


Here are The Eight Basic Scripts if u have never heard of them! is very interesting an provocative readin’ material! yes indeed!.

This below is jest an outline also..for the complete analytical script an definitive followings to all of this click on any one of the links below to take ya to that page!..

The Eight Basic Scripts

1. The biosurvival


“I will live forever or die trying.”


“I don’t know how to defend myself.”

2. The emotional-territorial Winner

“I am free; you are free; we can have our
separate trips or we can have the same trip.”


“They all intimidate me.”

3. The semantic Winner

“I am learning more about everything,
including how to learn more.”


“I can’t solve my problems”.”

4. The sociosexual Winner

“Love, and do what thou wilt.” (Anon. of Ibid)


“Everything I like is illegal, immoral, or fattening.”

5. The neurosomatic Winner

“How I feel depends on my neurological knowhow.”


“I can’t help the way I feel.”

6. The metaprogramming  Winner

“I make my own coincidences, synchronicities,
luck, and Destiny.”


“Why do I have such lousy luck?”

7. The neurogenetic  Winner

“Future evolution depends on my decisions now.”


“Evolution is blind and impersonal.”

8. The neuroatomic Winner

“In the province of the mind, what is believed to be true is true,
or becomes true within certain limits to be learned by
experience and experiment.”
Dr.John Lilly)


“I am not psychic, and I doubt anyone is.”

T H E *D E O X Y R I B O N U C L E I C *H Y P E R D I M E N S I O N
neuro atomic kinda goes along with q’s qerld of quantum physics:)
are u a deoxy fan 🙂 ~I am,,,,,,,cya in deoxywerld,
da’ qster’
Link of the day take ya to Q HYPERSPACE
Oh Q’s way out there now,  yes indeed!!!!!!!!!
well, u will be also
if ya browse round hyperspace a bit at!
Take care everyone an have a splendid week..
time to start preppin’ for winter!..yes it is!!!!..
So,! keep on gettin’ up when ya get knocked down!
an evrything will be ok!
Even if it happens over an over an over!

Zen Dis’ thought fer da’ day

Yes it’s 10 2 Zen sumwheres sumplace! this day!
other times all I can say is
WOW: Wish Only Well!

I think. Therefore,

I Wish Only Well.

Wow 2 U 2 today!

A Q ful frum da’ wishin’ well..

🙂 of wow!:)

Do you realize that if you Wish ONLY Well,
you can create your own world into what you wish?
And what is your own world?
It’s the place in life where you are:
your present conditions, circumstances, family, friends,
work, environment – in other words, your LIFE.
By Wishing ONLY Well,
you make your own world
the whole world better.
It’s neither altruistic nor selfish..’s logical!
You reap what you sow.
Well, most of da’ time enyhew!
Of course that doesn’t mean that
exactly what you did will be done to you.
That would be too easy.
It means that you will never know
the exact moment that you will shine or will fall,
depending on how you live your life. An by response to the choices that one makes on the next best thing to do; any given moment er any given day!
Choose the high road, and expect the best.
You create your own world, and by extension the whole world, every minute.
Every Second, evry hour, evry Day!
so quark says let urself be wowzad
a ❤ felt realization a day;
keeps da’ doc away!
“Believe it er’ not”

used to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure
noun: An outstanding success
verb: to impress greatly

Wish Only Well
wish: To desire; to long for; to hanker after;  to have a mind or disposition toward.
only: So and no otherwise; no other than; exclusively; solely; wholly.
well: In a good or proper manner; justly; rightly;  not ill or wickedly.

WOW is Wish Only Well

and on that note:


Soulmates, Twin Flames and Kindred Spirits — What’s the Difference?

Aletheia (2).jpg

“Soulmates, Twin Flames and Kindred Spirits — What’s the Difference?”

Love. It exists within all people, places and things. It is inextricably linked to God or Spirit. It is the most powerful force in the universe. 

In the grand scheme of things, Love encompasses all, so why is there a need to distinguish one type of love from another? The answer is that in order to spiritually evolve as individuals, we often need to label what we feel and experience. This helps us to better understand what we’re going through on the physical plane.

Before you continue please know that all unconditional forms of love are no better or worse than each other. They all bring their own unique gifts and lessons. They are equal.

The Difference Between Soulmates, Twin Flames and Kindred Spirits


Soulmates, twin flames and kindred spirits are all phrases that have been used to describe relationships that touch our souls and change our lives forever. But what is the difference between all of these terms? I’ll share my interpretation below. Please note that I’m revealing my own experience (and yours might differ). In my life I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing all three types of love. Mateo Sol, my partner and co-writer of this website, is what I would consider both a soul mate and twin flame. So the people in our lives can definitely overlap these definitions!

Kindred Spirits


Kindred spirits are individuals that resonate at the same level, or frequency, as us. As everything in life is composed of energy, we often feel attracted to some people and repelled by others. Have you ever spoken to a person who just seems to “vibe” or “click” with you? That person was probably a kindred spirit vibrating at the same energetic level as you.

Physically, a kindred spirit could be anything: a close friend, a confidant, a family member, a teacher, a lover, a pet, or even a land form.

Kindred spirits often play a very passive role in our lives. In other words, they do not play a very major part in our spiritual growth, but they do comfort and support us. Often kindred spirits share the same personality types as us, as well as similar tastes, interests and passions. While not all kindred spirit connections are necessarily deep and soulful, some can be (these can be thought of as “soulfriend” connections).


Soulmates are people in our lives whom we connect with on a deep level. As the name implies, soulmates are primarily friends of the soul. If you have found your soulmate they will likely be the best, and truest friend, you will ever have. You’ll be able to share everything with your soulmate, from your wildest dreams, to your most shameful secrets. Nothing is off limits.

Spiritually, soulmates usually play a major role in your development. It is possible for soulmates to be platonic, romantic and/or sexual in nature. You can also have multiple soulmates in one lifetime, hence the many love triangles we see and experience.

There are a few different types of soulmate. Sol narrows them down in this article, but you can read a summarized version here:

Soul friends — Soul friends are very similar to kindred spirits. However, the essential difference between the two is that kindred spirits are more personality-based, and soul friends are more essence-based. In other words, soul friends share our deepest dreams, values and drives (not just similar personalities and tastes). This is the most common type of soulmate.

Soul teachers — As the name suggests, soul teachers appear in our lives to help teach us vital life lessons. Sometimes these lessons are taught deliberately, and other times these lessons are unintentional. Soul teachers often appear in the form of ex-lovers, family members, friends and even enemies.

Soul companions — This type of soulmate is a combination of both friend and teacher. In fact, soul companions most closely match people’s perception of what a “soul mate” is. As confidants, soul companions deeply understand, love and cherish us. The depth and blissful harmony that you experience in this relationship will outshine any other that you’ve ever had.


Twin Flames

Many people have asked me whether it’s possible to have more than one twin flame. My response is that it could be possible, but I doubt it. As the word “twin” implies, we only have one twin flame in this life. Sometimes we don’t even meet our twin flame in this incarnation, but rest assured, we have always been connected to them on the level of Spirit.

Twin flames are our mirrors. They reflect back to us our every strength, insecurity, weakness and shadow element. The purpose of the twin flame relationship is to help us undergo soulwork and become the best version of ourselves possible. But here’s the thing, at first twin flame relationships can be intense and tumultuous. This can carry on for many years. But once both egos surrender to their purging and purification, the gifts of humility, empathy and unconditional love are finally obtained.

Our twins reflect the disowned parts of ourselves; they are the yins to our yangs, the suns to our moons, and the light to our darkness. They propel us into shadow work, deep self-discovery and the fulfillment of our potential.

Your twin flame could be your greatest dream or your worst nightmare (or both). They will test you, provoke you and love you fiercely all at once.

Among many tell-tale signs, the greatest proof of a twin flame relationship is its capacity to stimulate the deepest and most beneficial changes within you.


At a fundamental level, all souls are connected, all souls flow back to the One Spirit. We have all been given the opportunity to experience at least one soulmate, twin flame or kindred spirit connection in life. These relationships teach us so much about ourselves, our gifts and our unique potentials. In the end, if we’re lucky, we are brought back to the one great truth: that we have been Whole and Complete all along. Soulmates, twin flames and kindred spirits merely help to remind us of that.


“Believe it er Not!”



When i found her i realized {SHE} was jest like a diamond in the rough…..


…………It’s a Beautiful Day!………..

an last night waz Twas a night to make tuna cassarole an reflect a read a lot ….I know it twas askin a lot of myself but while thinkin? lol…..but if i could get a lot of my thoughts out about life i wanted to Sum up Life seen by Q 2 day! it would prolly go down a bit like this…….Be thinkin 2 much this eve ..oh please let me loose frum da’ thinkin disease if it is stinkin thinkin..if not allow the thinkin to thinketh myself to death or sleep so to speak! cuz i jest can’t seem to sleep!  lol…jest a few thoughts frum the other side of the mind of Q 🙂 whoohoo! lol……

FRUM DIAMONDS 2 DUST A LIFE GRINDS ON! With Multi Faceted Heu-men BeIngs an Wooomen! lol…….

well, in all relationship to time an matter of essence an what is important in ones life there are quite a few important points that one might wish to keep in mind before they take their big leap every day an get on with it so to a new day a new way er whatevr it might be….
If they are readin’ this well, they are either in search of ? or simply bored or want a gewd laugh er possibly think that there might be some good in reading wtf Q has to say today. there are many different more reasons than i can declare in jest writing this simple piece…called a Blog er whatknot!
Although {SHE} claims i might be into crystals an whatnot, well {SHE} is partly correct..fact is well, not on a material level as much as the crystals ya can pick up an hold onto – but on a different level i am….I am a CRYSTALLINE structure MYSELF..the way i see it in Q so are u also! i say! {SHE} once again a { PARAGON } for my heart mind an soul! yes indeed! well, there are many different forms of me’s an you’s > being heu-man people that well they are each an in themselves some kinna crystal in a way, deep deep inside. {“Believe it er not”} well is the way i like to werk with crystals ya see..

IN THE HUMAN CONTEXT OF EACH AN EVERY HUMAN being a crystal , but of different form an nature inside in a way as long as they are human…I lewk for the DIAMOND like CRYSTALLINE humans to connect with,,they seem to be more sensitive to light an all the other variables in multi-faceted people are way more fun to deal with ultimately in my perspective!.
so, once i figured out i was an Arcturian of 6th dimensional consciousness; well; then at that point in time i could see an reflect the real CRYSTAL SACRED GEOMETRY each an every soul person possesses, if i shift an lewk or {SEE} clearly enuff to see through the human veil an see into the spirit.
Jest how to manifest the forces an visions at werk in this realm is like living in a continual acid trip to me, an for some they can’t handle it…so they jest revert back to unseeing< an being normal, an in fear of that which they do not know…but once u are awakened frum that false image, then u have the ability to make the desires u wished for all ur life to come forward with ease! once, seen this shape an form within all, then one can better have the creative ability to interact er not with that form,,an or take more concrete factual concepts for the future an run with them in steadfast form!…
Thata way u can make the desires of ur soul the manifestation of ur own personal reality an not jest a wish or a dream! 🙂 never to be really experienced…
When we can see an visualize this formation within people an all things of energy our discernment jest keeps getting better an better as long as we do not let the ego get in the way an disturb the {NEW WAY] ya can see things when u can de-focus an see the angelic being in others…or see the color an intensities etc etc,,,an or tell the difference if they are like obsidian or of a ruby or a diamond etc etc..there are many different variables…

still i seek the diamonds in my life 🙂
anyhow, when we can see this, well we have to re-pattern our beliefs a lot an thinking a lot to accommodate this new way of being able to see 5th dimensionally an higher!

Point of the Day!
Finding the soul purpose in life is a quest many people are on…some will find this spot in life an others well, jest exist in that eternal form of judgement they call evil which is simply the opposite of live< an anyhow,,,each person comes truly to life i believe with some person they wish to fullfill! seeking that inner knowledge of what thier life course is , then for many is a daily job er duty to the soul so to speak! in all actuality the soul purpose is always becoming brighter an brighter each day one lives an arises to a new day to experience what they wish for the life of their choice!..see what i am saying yet..well, if u don’t keep readin’ u might get the drift of what i mean by the end of this long drawn out article, but i can seem to make the points in my life any more simpler than this one..although there are several points to deal with it always comes back down to the one main point! about always attempting to stay in the now once u are where ya want to be, an try not to fall backwards at any given time to that which is of the “BAD’ past..take the good an leave the rest behind.grow with the good!
Find out how to integrate this feeling into daily soul purpose life once ya fiqure out what ur soul purpose is…once ur higher power tells u this u will know the way i see it!
To truly integrate in a werld of many bi- an tri-polarities..well is very hard for the brilliant diamond like mind!….in this world they are able to see the many forces of the integration of the positives an also the very opposites be able to discern an to reveal the right light is sumtimes hard when lewking at another in this new way of seeing, but if it does truly reveal the darkness instead of the light well, might be an instep for a change for the future…sumtimes to see the light of the world one has to have lived in the darkness for a time so they learn what it is they DO NOT WANT OUT OF LIFE…then they are able to seek the lighter side of truth an honor an integrity found in the diamond like souls they encounter, no matter how much darkness has been forced again them….STILL WIT ME? well read on!
Once u can gaze into the central swirl of the bio energetic light of another , no matter how dark it is , one starts too see what i call, inner knowing! once u can see this inner knowing ur soul can be open to make better judgement calls bout the future an ur very own truth inside u ….it will open new doors of sensibility as never seen if one is to clearly see what is or not in the other structure or human they are observing….all the new answers can an will be found in this new point of perception that one finds when they a can see the auras of others an the complex waves produced….all the exterior thoughts then can disappear an the truth of the matter revealed, is what once chooses to do at that point an how one reacts is what is important! It’s all bout INTENTION then!
Well, having wished these abilities upon my self then comes the problem an situation of interdimensional travel,,,an not always staying in the 3d body! lol. ..when a person reaches beyond the perceived restrictions of the time space/ program they are in,,then world beyond worlds can be experienced an seen for future an everyday events! depending upon the state of consciousness to which the viewer has obtained is sumtimes the measure of success obtained also….once activated though is like a disease for many an not being able to discern the information correctly is what paradoxes the problem!
So becoming in alignment an harmony with mother earth is very important at this stage to me….one has to be able to find their senses of unity an also dis-harmony, an un unity the observations i have mentioned above..then it is time for transformation,,back to being the clearest diamond ones mind can be,,which is very hard for the cluttered life an mind such as mine lol.anyhow. ya find this spot in the mind through absolute forgiveness,,an knowing that u have an inter-connectivity to this new awakening in ur soul an ur are not diseased,,,jest very very aware!…this divine awakening an transformations that can happen then are incredible…one can sense they are truly telepathic in nature! …if they focus an keep up with their stamina of spirit! an holiness that is inside belief they are truly not crazy!
once a person activates this sense an sight well, frum that point on when the veil of life has been lifted off their soul they can see through it an know all will be okay…..once the dna is activated thata way well, they will be able to in a sense go through different time space continuums an space portals in mind “believe it er not”…but in a sense they will sense an know an be able to live in peace an harmony with the knowledge that they have tranquility an peace of soul deep down no matter what attacks them or affect s them they can now find that spot of they seek…..LOVE….
Jest as meditation an or relaxin’ is important in any situation now given to discern the proper way to perceive a particular situation is what is at hand this juncture in time when one learns they can themselves SEE! the reality of the crystalline structures within all life itself..sentient an also plantlife as long as it is breathing it is life!
Telekenesis is a life force of of the 4th an 5th dimensions an the mental mastery of such is a many years long process for most people…in my werld a realization a day keeps the doctor away lol….. the psyche that is lol…..once one finds this bliss of feeling that is overwhelming in the soul to the human spirit well, they can be attuned to life as it was meant to love with love an loving life the way i see it..even the part of life they hated cuz it taught them what is now an what they want for the NOW!…It is a mental mastery that takes years cuz sumtimes it takes years to wash away all the karmetic realities that have been handed to us frum our past to hold in our minds.for me the trick was to get all that shit outa the mind an move on. how could i do that well, i had to forgive it an ask every day to forgive myself an it for being the way it was till it disappeared…this note here or blog is typed off the to say frum thoughts that come flowing across like well, coffee spilling offfa my well i try to keep it clean but every now an again one has to spill the coffee.its how ya clean it up an what ya do bout it an how ya react to it that matters in my werld now that i have this way of lewking at things jest a bit differently!…many of the werds i have used in this post i could do a complete post about jest one of them!…so complicated as it sounds.release it all.forgive all the bs. move on move forward an don;t let yesterday or the past get ya down anymore..the big question is ? will it matter in 100?years? an well…if not……jest DO IT! an do it the best way one can..whether ya can see interdimensionally er not..truth is ur inner being can see it! . U jest don’t know it yet .an yes u can re write certain partsd of ur movie an ur reality an the part or many parts u wish to play within the spectrum of the PLAY!.so PLAY HAPPY AN BE HAPPY ..

AN IF NOT FAKE IT TILL YA MAKE IT SO YA CAN SEE IT WASn’t werth ever being sad over.well, unless it truly was…if ya kept up with me on this one till now then u know what i mean if not well till next time..we try try again an there anyone out there? is there anyone that is truly listenin? hmmmmmmm? say da’ inquirin mind…… 🙂 peace-out 4 now frum da””quantum guy u might call Q 🙂 ……… whooooooooooooo hoooooo
furthermore: Quantum mechanics has questioned what we perceive to be the ‘material’ foundations of the world by showing that subatomic particles and atoms are not really solid objects, and has brought human consciousness into the equation.

frum Q 2 U
I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” – Max Planck, theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918