Livin’ on Da’ Edge of life! @ 60

Furst thingz furst I live on the EDGE of a 800ft. cliff!


august 2016 frum Q’s ledge on da’ edge!

well, 100 ft back frum da’ edge is da house…40ft frum da’ edge is da’ garage!


In Da’ wintertime lotsa snow is on da’ edge! dis’ was furst snow 2015

This weeks WordPress worldwide photo werld focuses on the werd…”EDGE” an well, fits my werld to a “T” cuz i believe i live on the edge in so many different wayzzzz..even wit my health on da’ edge of death itself lol



..Secondly livin on the edge with thingz i choose to do also, for some it’s over the edge.


for others they are fascinated that a disabled old retired guy can do such thingz still lol…


off da’ edge yes indeeD!

…cuz well munday i decided to come to this planet 60 years ago…


Moonsoon season on da’ edge

only to find myself livin’ on the edge in da’ end lol


Drivin’ on da’ edge is as fun as livin’ an flyin’ on da’ edge in colorful Colorado!


cya on da’ flip side frum da’ top of da’ edge on a ledge!

.. 🙂 LIVIN’ on Da’ Edge! 🙂 ..


jest sayin’ goodbye an high! frum da’ edge of my seat! 2 U 2 day!


Look Up Before one Leaps

 Wordpress Phrase of da’ week this past week waz Look Up….so of course furst thing i thought of was having to lewk up before one leaps…


An when in da’ air also lewkin up ever so often to see that the wing is all doing well! It is advised to ABORT jest before taking off because of a twisted line on the paraglider, an on the trike a twisted cable…I have to keep this in mind a lot wit my sport, once upon a time i lewked up to see da’ “JESUS” bolt coming out of my shaft that holds the wing on,


Da’ Jesus bolt is da’ one with the safety clip in it, if it comes out ya jest say “OH JEEESuS!”

,,so i abruptly descended an landed, another time i failed to lewk up before launching an as soon as i took off the wing wanted to do a left turn all by itself, Result of a twisted cable that hold the wing tight on the left side,,,,


so i had to hold the wing in a right hand turn to fly it straight, obviously i came back around an landed…twas’ an assembly problem i had missed on my pre-flight inspection. lol. gewd job huh mikey.


So, anyhow next time i go fly, an every time; i truly have to remember this Phrase..


 LOOK UP! Before ya leap!!

q-jumpa owwwwooooo… 🙂 yeahhaaaaa

Look Up

This week is all about taking a moment to check out what’s going on above you.

Curve: Weekly Worlwide Photo Share by: Quarksire

**Variations on a theme.***

frum Quarksire once again !



An @ da end of dis curve! lol...

Variations Occur when Life throws one constant curve balls an ya go round da’ next bend an there is lightning at the end, Then another Curve through da’tunnel..


.then well the next day the sky does once again clear an Curves abound ; the clouds recede an da’ rainbows come round da’ bend



Rainbows ussually appear 2 be curved an not straight

These were the pics i auto played in my head i had that are well curved in one manner or another..


As the new night sets in an da’ full moon comes round one again reflects upon curves!


Splendid wishes to one an all my readers this week, Hope ur survivin’ da heat if ‘n ya live where it be hot.

once again when one gets a good curve up! whatcha gonna do…well Q says JUMP!!!!



Stay cool!!!!!! an also Kewl! nevr the less!!!

PS: EvEN though one has a good curve goin’ …one must realize..can’t keep it up together, till one has to land an the curve collapses


Curved Earth lewkin @ a curved shadow!

in da end~! My life seems to be full of curves, an curveballz, ,,

an one jest has to learn to go with the flow.

day er night…!!



Namaste’ frum da’ Q


Find inspiration in the curves around you.

🙂 . 🙂

Beyond Roads

Quarks Q-Tube is dedicated to an a lot bout flying ultralights an whatnot. This vid is of a sorta fun toy I’d like to have in my stable sumday! 🙂 I fly the hardwing styled trike now like my pic below, am servicing an setting up to fly this spring here i am.


  This does lewk like it’d be lotsa fun for going out to the back country with an exploring, When the road ends what does one do? so enjoy this vid if’n ya choose to watch… an until next ..yes, Q’s still alive! lol…even though some might have thought i disapeared fereva, well i’m back! No april fools joke this year, the joke was on me, so ya live life an learn is what it is! have a splendid one Q 🙂

PS; one day at a time one second at a all ya get frum Q right now!

Chow & namaste’PSS:

“Crashing is Not an Option!”