Women – Jesus Bolts – Love Money an Motorcycles

Women – Jesus Bolts – Love Money am Motorcycles

an not exactly in this or that order lol…

Then theres this thing called Security
there are 6 er 7Β  kinds right up front to me truly…

#1 is Money!

“da security of money! “

#2 That i always attach the “jesus” bolt with a wire safety!

Da’ Jesus bolt is da’ one with the safety clip in it, if it comes out ya jest say “OH JEEESuS!”

#3 security that when the Vario is beeping real fast means ya are climbing πŸ™‚

Morning Airtime is Q’s favorite Time πŸ™‚

also, security ya got a grip when the Vario is pointing straight down!

#4 – that there is K-9 security round me life! πŸ™‚

#5 – The Security of being in love with a partner!

an #6 a good running motorcycle! haha..

oh an again
on top of the bottom of the list i can’t forget the Security of me DOGs ( knowing they are going to get food!…

dinnertime @ Q’s place


da’……..Quarked dog “Willy”

It is my belief! that
Paws an wagin tailZ! ie dogs an women!
heal more wounds & scars than any other therapist can.
so i have always had a dog round as a sorta Security Blanket! an a woman also when one can!
an even someone to talk to ..yep my dogs understand English pert good! indeeD!

best security blanket & gurlfriend i ever had! was sugar!

πŸ™‚ …
so – jest a few shots of some live security blankets frum Q’s perspective it twas an is!

da’ security of being warm an having a roof over my head i believe is the most important security next to LOVE!

an da’ security of knowing i have kicked tha alcohol an being co-herent an sober for almost 20 years feels good also!
Peace-out 4 now an have a good week werld!
Whatever ya be up 2 πŸ™‚
over an out frum

Werd of Da week waz Dense

Da’ Werd of da’ week was Dense….
so dense was da’ day til it warmed up

an then da’ dense dissapeared poof ya go*** haha***

πŸ™‚ lol… πŸ™‚
well i playing catch-up with viewing some of the recent worldwide wordpress photo challenges…welp Ha…could have jest showed a pic of me lol…but that’s a different kinda dense…an i got a half an ego bout my grey matter fer whatevr it’s werth…so..first thoughts that came to mind when dense was seen @ werd of da’ week…was Clouds for me…I could dedicate a lotta pics frum the air to the dense clouds i am not supposed to get too close to …i’m jest a kite in da’ wind with a 60 horsepower engine an a wing an oh yeah..an some people call me dense cuz i fly an cuz i smoke my ganga so whatevr…they are scared of weed an flying all i can say is wtf? an move on …..

i like livin on a wing an a prayer! …the day this was shot was frum the paraglider though instead of the hanglider wing …as u can see frum the reflection on top of the cloud ..
A splendid week to anyone who pops by the world of Q this week ..the web page that jest goes on an on an on an on an on an well. u get the idea…Thanks for visiting

an heres another sense one fer ya fer ur eyes to gander @ …

……………frum A Trike Wing perspective



Word of da’ week Was Relax

Werd of da’ week was relax – have been out of the photo challenges @ of late…am returning on this note*** Relax! says O’MAlly!

……………….. Relax – an enjoy life while ya can! …………………….

Photo Challenge
This week, the note was

“share a photo that relaxes you”.

an he shall return! Indeed !

will try to get updated after recovery frum surgery in the next few weeks! an get back on track!…with the current post-its…I’m always layete it seems…well, attempting to try to be on time more often now that others have to depend upon me being there on time ie…like surgery..think ill show early! …so nice also to have a house sitter whilst i be away fer a day er 2 when i yonder about now…lewks like i will get to do a lotta posts etc etc while in hospital 3 times a week 4 4 hours 4 ever jeez… such as life huh!…So relaX an take a chill pill! is what i am told…HA!

It’s not this time of year without

Snow Snow an more Snow


…what would the holiday season in Colorado be without Snow!….Shadows of the Past come alive every year it seems.


Q’s house is at the top of this hill!

When i can’t make it up this hill without chains or studs..or 4 wheel drive…..


an i have to deal with this shovel my best non-physical friend, also…snow snow an snow till April….brrrrrrrrrr…..

Happy Holidayz an stay warm everyone that lives in Winter…

frum da’ Q


…PS: last 40 days an 40 nights,well, without bloggin’ have missed werdpress but had to spend time with my fav person in my life. ❀ ..Re-analysing Re-directingRepairing Re-modeling {that’ll never end lol} an reminding myself of who i am an why i am here was important!Β  ❀ ..have missed ya all an glad to be back!

…. Q ….

A Bit of Nostalgia frum Quarksire

Nostalgia < werd of da’ week!

What kinds of experiences stir emotions for the past within you?!

asks> jeffgolenski …….frum wordpress weekly photo challenge this week…what a great werd fer da’ week!

yes indeed!

target practice

a bit of target practice

So here is a bit of nostalgia frum Q’s werld..i am 60 years old now…& ..i like to bring life back to old things, women an cars!

lol….sumpthin with my name on it an put into it!

that will last for many years after i am dead an gone……






My form of art is to bring back nostalgic vehicles to a werkin condition an showable thing to drive round fer fun!


lifes a grind then ya get over it!

yes hot rods ..an hot cars are fun to restore in Q’s werld

got to peel away the past to start a new beginning

got to peel away the past to start a new beginning

fer a few bucks more an a lotta fun an sumpin to do in the summertime round here!


i strive for a mirror like finish!

…jesta couple of my nostalgic pieces here fer ya…


again Lifes a Grind! The ya get over it!


Basecoat done now to sand an acrylic enamel an clearcoat

follow the link hereΒ Autobody by Quarksire to see more

Autobody by da’ Quarked one mikey here!

Take care an have a great week everyone…


so far there be some kewl nostalgic pics to lewk at frum all over the Werld at wordpress weekly photo challenge!


~~~ peace out 2 U ~~~

……………. Related Post-its frum da’ Q …………..

Autobody by Quarksire


4 Ever on an Eternal Quest

Thinkin More Bout ETERNITY!…an Eternal Quests..well!!!..


xmas 1970 @ Q’s house

A Very Versatile Werd this week: da’ werd of da’ week…it is ” QUEST “….
depending upon what context it is used in an how it can be shown in photos is endless…..What are you in search of? Capture a quest with your camera says Cheri @ da’ daily post this week!….. So, well, ever since furst kiss…many years ago…became a quest of another kind for a lifetime! πŸ™‚ ! as shown in 3 pics here!


furst kiss started da’ Quest!



^^^^^^Β  came a twist on da’ Quest!

..here kitty kitty!… ❀


so da’ eternal quest continues lewkin’ fer da right Kitty to plug into!Β  an OMG i think i found her! says da’ Q LoL!

Seems that’s what is kewl bout life is watching everyone elses Quests!….will be interesting with what everyone at wordpress across the world comes up with in regards to “QUEST”…I have already seen about 200+ entries…an will be lots more for the viewin’ as they roll in!….over 400 so far this week!..
For me well, my ultimate Quest in life is …simple sumtimes…Simply SurvivaL!…then the quests go on frum there…mental quests to physical quests…an then there is the Quest that is History but always fun to reflect back upon..had a lota quests in my lifetime now, all over the usa , ultralight trips an hangliding trips, an mexico, scuba adventure, & to peru etc etc, but the #1 quest still remains! lol!!!!

We shall see what becomes of {HER} πŸ™‚ he smiles!…as he embraces an welcomes dis’ New Quest!..


So, as one can see Quest is a very versatile werd to say the least that can be used an put into many different contexts!….
There are Monthly, Yearly, Weekly, Daily Quests? Hourly Quests? an even moment to moment quests! BELIEVE IT ER NOT!…ALL DEPENDS UPON HOW ONE LEWKS AT IT!


What are you in search of? Capture a quest with your camera.

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Werd of da’ week is Mirror

~ SO, werd of da’ week at wordpress worldwide photo challenge is mirror..


mirror reflection in black painted chevelle

yes i restore body an paint on cars also in my garage fer

πŸ™‚ fun! πŸ™‚


a mirror like reflection in black

takes me back in time to a couple a few shots..


da’ roof

i thought were shareable.


i strive for a mirror like finish!

..so many kewl shots frum around the world this week with over 300 entries so far.


..of reflections an mirror like images is a perty visual werd to use for the week…check out the other entries here @ wordpress weekly photo challenge by da’ daily post!…have a splendid week everyone whom comes across the wacky werld of the quasicle Q…..

~oh an by the way my mirror lewked like this when i started! πŸ™‚


lifes a grind then ya get over it!

Β .check out my other mirror like projekts here below

….Autobody by Quarksire……


This week’s challenge is all about reflections.